The Top 20 Reasons Students Hate School

Cheryl Brite June 17th 2015 Other
It's a place to learn, socialize, and grow as a human being. You don't always want to go to school. You feel trapped and dictated by rules that you don't like. You just want to be you but in a world full of other students, you feel like you have to be someone else. You hate school.

#20. Away From Social Media

You know you're obsessed with social media. Anything that takes you away from it is evil. School is the enemy. If you're not up to date with the people online, you're whole day is lost.

#19. Takes Up Time You Can't Get Back

You feel like you could be doing more productive things with your time then sitting in a classroom. It's a complete waste of time for you. You'll never use these subjects in real life. As you watch the clock tick by, you feel like you're wasting away into nothing.

#18. Driving To School

The traffic is a complete nightmare. It's not like you can walk to school because you live farther away. You think about how much gas you're using up and how much money you're spending. Now you wish you lived closer to school.

#17. English

You speak the language all ready. Why do you have to take this class? It points out all your grammar mistakes and makes you feel stupid. If you can't put sentences together correctly, then who are you? You wonder if this will really matter in life after school.

#16. No Friends

No one talks to you and no one sits with you at lunch. It's a pretty lonely way to live at school. It makes not want to go to school. What's the point of going to school if you have no one to make memories with?

#15. Too Early

You alarm clock rings, and your hatred grows. It's time for school, but you don't want to go as you pull the covers over your body. It's too early to get an education. You feel the covers pulled off of you, and you parents yelling at you to get your lazy butt up. It's time for school.

#14. Math

It's the most dreadful subject in school to take. No one likes math and if you do, you're crazy. Why is math important again? You just don't get it, and you never will.

#13. No More Nap Time

You loved nap time in school when you were little. Unfortunately when you're older, nap time is nothing but a memory. What you wouldn't give to have that back in your life. Sometimes you feel like you need it because the stress of school is so overwhelming. You just need a break.

#12. History

Names, dates, and so on and so forth. It's the same crap over and over again just in different places around the world. You won't use names and dates from history in your life. Why learn about history that is doomed to repeat itself?

#11. Specfic Times To Eat Lunch

You want to eat lunch when you want to eat lunch. You feel like your meals should not be dictated by a clock on the wall. You don't like the time you're required to eat but what can you do? You'll have to get use to it or starve.

#10. Selfish Teachers

They don't care whether you succeed or fail. At the end of the day the only thing they're concerned with is their paycheck. When you need someone to believe in you, they're not there for you. How well do you really think you can do in school if your teachers have abandoned you for money?

#9. Dress Code

School uniforms makes everyone look the same. You don't like it, and you want more then anything to stand out. The school system says it's for student's own good, but you can't see it and will never understand why you can't express yourself through your clothing. It's not like you're dressing inappropriately in your normal clothes. There's always a few people who ruin in for everyone else.

#8. It's Boring

You're hoping death will come and take you because you just can't take it anymore. The hands on the clock are not moving fast enough for you. The teacher's words sound like background noise, and you wish they would stop talking. Once the bell rings, you race so fast out of the classroom to the exciting world outside.

#7. Antisocial

You don't like people. You don't want to be around people. You don't like people talking to you. School is hell on earth for you. If you didn't need an education, you wouldn't be here.

#6. Homework

You just learned about the subjects in school and now you have to go home and do homework. It's mind boggling to you as you stare at the books on your table and the white lined paper. You think you've learned enough at school, and homework is just a waste of time. You don't want to do it and glare at your books with hatred.

#5. Heavy Backpack

Your back is killing you as you lug it around on your back. You wonder how you're even walking straight because at any moment you know you could tip over and fall to the floor with the weight of your backpack on your back. You wouldn't be surprised if you're back was messed up by the time you graduated school. There's just too many subjects in one day and carrying a heavy backpack is dangerous for your health and others around you.

#4. Tests

Learning, homework, and tests are a part of your school curriculum. What is the world coming to? You think you do enough in school and now you have to be tested on it. The grades don't even reflect how much you've learned, but they dictate whether you graduate or not. So much pressure!

#3. Lack Of Education

You feel like you're not learning to your full potential. What you're being taught is lacking in certain areas. The teachers aren't competent enough, and the school isn't willing to find better teachers. School supplies are not up to date and no one seems to care about what's best for the child when it comes to education.

#2. It's Just Not For You

Education is not cool or maybe you're just too cool for school? You and school were not meant to be. You don't like structure, and the clock can't tell you what to do. You like to make your own rules, and school would just hinder you.

#1. Bullied

It's the worst thing to happen to you at school. You live in fear every time you enter the halls. The physical pain hurts but the words hurt even more. You wish you had never gone to school. The pain and hurt will shape the kind of person you become when you leave school and start your life beyond this building of education.


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