20 Father's Day Gifts That Will Make Your Dad Laugh

Cheryl Brite June 3rd 2015 Humor
What to get your dad for father's day? It's something you're still stuck on. A gift outside of the box comes to mind but what to get him is the question. A light bulb goes on in your head and something that will make your dad laugh sounds like a great idea to you. Here are some ideas. #20 is absolutely hilarious!

#1. The Obi-Wan Light Saber Chopsticks ($10.99)

You're dad's been a Star Wars fan since the first movie came out. He opens his gift and takes out these Star Wars chopsticks. The room goes silent and before you know it, he's laughing out loud because out of all the Star Wars memorabilia you could haven gotten him, you get him chopsticks. He loves the thought behind the gift, and he loves you. So I'll guess he'll keep them.

#2. Taxi Cab License Plate Frame ($23.00)

So you think your dad's a cab driver? Or maybe he's laughing because you're gift is a way to thank him for driving you all over town for all the activities you've participated in. He puts this plate on his car to remind you to appreciate all he's done for your over the years. You know words can't express how much he means to you, but this license plate reminds you that he'll always be there for you no matter what.

#3. Marshmallow Gun ($39.95)

Nothing brings out the kid in your dad like this marshmallow gun. He'll be laughing right along with you as you take a marshmallow to the face. This gift allows your dad to be a kid again, and there's nothing more exciting to him. Your gift reminds him that life doesn't always have to be serious.

#4. A Paperweight Bomb of "F" ($59.00)

You're dad is a major dropper of f bombs, and you think it's funny to get him a paperweight with the f bomb on it. Is it really funny? Well he thinks it's hilarious as he places it on his desk for friends and family to see. Gasps of horror and looks of disgust are given for those who witness the paperweight but you don't care and neither does your dad.

#5. Sunscreen Flask Set ($12.99)

Is it sunscreen or is it alcohol? Who knows? You sure do as you present this gift to your dad. Suddenly he is transported back to his college days where he and his friends got totally wasted. He can't help but laugh at this funny gift, and his memories.

#6. A Mousepad About A Bald Man ($13.95)

It's true your dad needs a new mousepad for his mouse, and you think it's a genius idea to get him one about balding. You're walking a very fine line if you're dad doesn't have a sense of humor. It's basically saying your dad at least has a good body even if his hairstyle has gone down hill. Luckily your father can see the humor in it or you'd be grounded for a lifetime.

#7. Potty Mouth Bag ($12.99)

What a mature father's day gift this is? How did you know your father pooped today? Well it says it on the bag. Your dad laughs because it reminds him of how much he likes to announce when he's going to the bathroom. You sure have a weird dad.

#8. Hilarious Wine Charms ($20.00)

Your dad loves to be entertained by funny wine charms. It seems like a pretty unusual father's day gift, but you know it is something he will appreciate. He's an avid wine drinker, and the drunker he gets, the funnier these charms will seem to him. Hopefully your dad doesn't become an alcoholic after all this.

#9. A Phone Holder Of A Toilet Plunge ($7.95)

Nothing says you value your father like an iPlunge to hold his iPhone. It's an object you think of that unclogs a toilet, and you never thought something like this would be made for a smartphone. You know your dad will get a kick out if this gift. He's been needing something to hold up his phone, and you give him the gift of laughter.

#10. Soap In The Shape Of Pac-Man ($16.00)

Pac-Man was your dad's favorite game as a kid in the 80's and seeing as you're too cheap to buy him the real thing, this Pac-Man Soap on a rope will have to do. It's the thought that counts, and you know it holds true when your dad laughs at the gift. It's something so unexpected, but you're dad thanks you. He'll use it in the shower until Pac-Man wastes away into a thin, yellow pieces of soap.

#11. Tennis Ball Pattern Socks ($7.99)

Your dad is always complaining about how he doesn't have enough socks. You're here to rescue him with green tennis socks. They're not just for wearing anymore. He can roll them up like a tennis ball and play with them. Once you tell him that, he laughs like a giddy boy and starts to play catch with you with his new father's day gift.

#12. Grandfather Necktie ($39.95)

This tie could mean many things, but you're dad is trying to figure out what. Are you making fun of him for getting older? Is he becoming a grandfather? Whatever the answer is, he can't stop laughing because either he's offended or overjoyed and he doesn't know how to react but to laugh.

#13. The Ultimate Grill Army Apron ($19.99)

Yes! His love of the army and of grilling has finally come together to make a apron. He loves it so much that he wears it every time he grills for friends and family. It has everything he needs, and he's so grateful that he laughs every time he wears it because he's overjoyed that god has finally answered his prayers with this father's day gift and you to of course.

#14. Basketball With A Hoop Mug ($31.50)

Your dad is a major basketball fan, and you get him a basketball mug with a hoop. It's a match made in heaven, right? He begins to laugh because he thinks it's the most clever mug he has ever seen. He can even drink hot chocolate and shoot his marshmallows into the hoop. It's an interactive cup that your dad will treasure forever.

#15. The Best Dads Have Mustaches T-Shirt ($23.49)

You want to remind your dad how cool his mustache really is. What better way then a t-shirt that says it outright? He will think it hilarious because it's so true. He'll be strutting his stuff around town as others around him find the humor in shirt and other dads wonder if they're missing out on something by shaving their mustaches.

#16. A Father's Day Mug ($19.50)

He reads the mug and burst out laughing at the irony that his two daughters got him the mug for father's day. He's been through the toughest times of his life raising two girls that nothing in the world can scare him. Well that is until his daughters leave the nest. Gray hair starts to appear just thinking about it.

#17. A Family Of Zombie Car Stickers ($18.95)

They will look pretty cool on your father's car. How else is he supposed to know what his family looks like? He's always wondered what his family would look like as zombies and now he doesn't have to wonder anymore. He hates the usual family stickers but laughs because you managed to find one that he isn't embarrassed for people to see in public on his car.

#18. A Beer Glass In The Shape Of A Boot ($19.50)

How classy is this gift? Well luckily your dad has no class as you present him with this beer glass boot. He thinks it's funny because he's always finding unique ways to drink beer, and he hadn't thought of this one. He's going to drink all his beer from this glass from now on.

#19. A Mini Zamboni As A Desk Vaccum ($28.95)

How cute is this little Zamboni that cleans your father's desk? You're trying to be a good son or daughter by giving your father this gift, and you know you're trying to tell your father that he's a total slob at work. He laughs because it's true, and he thanks you because you know him well enough to tell him he needs to be more organized in every aspect of his life. Or maybe you just bought it because you know how much he loves hockey?

#20. Middle Finger Umbrella ($34.95)

Your dad doesn't give a crap about what anyone thinks. The middle finger umbrella is the perfect father's day gift to let your dad know that you admire his attitude about life. It shelters him from the rain and reminds him that you really look up to his ideas about the world. He doesn't even have to say the words because everyone on the street will know how he really feels.


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