25 Delicious Foods To Eat Before You Kick The Bucket

Cheryl Brite May 27th 2015 Lifestyle
There are great foods to taste all over the world. Have you ever thought about what foods you want to eat before you die? Well these are a few tasty dishes you might want to consider on the road to death. Sure it sounds morbid but really give it some thought. You never know when you're nearing the end and food is a great comfort along the way.

#1. Levain Bakery's Chocolate Chip Cookie

This cookie is in a league of its own when it comes to other chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate chips melt in your mouth while the cookie itself is so delicious you will want more than one to take home. You might just want to buy a bunch just in case today is your last day. You always want to be prepared.

#2. Sweetbread

Don't let the name fool you. This delicious dish is far from bread. The name beckons you to indulge in this savory lamb. The taste will blow your taste buds out of the water and if you don't eat this before you die, you are truly missing out.

#3. Roasted Chicken In The Oven

Nothing smells better than a chicken fresh out of the oven. It will make your mouth water in anticipation. Add potatoes to this dish and your meal will be complete. The juices dripping down your fingers will be messy but so worth eating with friends and family.

#4. Lobster Roll

There's nothing like fresh lobster roll. The smell alone will entice your taste buds. As you dig into this roll, the taste of seafood will fill your mouth with such joy that you must order another lobster roll to go. If you don't eat this many times before you die, then you haven't lived long enough.

#5. Ramen

Forget instant ramen because fresh ramen is where it's at. Fresh ingredients mixed with fresh ramen, what could be a better filling dish to have before you die? The warmth of Ramen will make you feel like you've gone to heaven. It's like a warm blanket around your body that you just can't do without in the winter time.

#6. Cafe Du Monde's Beignets

You haven't lived until you try the beignets at Cafe Du Monde. The sugary, powdered goodness will make your taste buds come alive. The dusted sugar is not the only star of this sweet dish. The flaky pastry has a light but satisfying taste that works will with the sugar on top.

#7. Raclette

Potatoes with melted cheese on top looks great to the eyes as well as the mouth. This greasy goodness will satisfy your taste buds and make you die happy. Although this Swedish dish is far from healthy, it won't matter much when you kick the bucket. You want to be happy, and Raclette makes you happy.

#8. French Fries With Mayonnaise

This is just a heart attack waiting to happen. Well you might as well die happy with this dish. Fresh french fries with homemade mayo, what's not to like? The grease will make your mouth come back for more of this delectable food.

#9. Pimento Cheese

You can put this spread on anything you love to eat. There's nothing better then having options when it comes to food. Cheddar cheese, mayo, and pimentos make up this indulgent dish. This southern food is something you have to try before you die because the taste is so addictive that you have to keep coming back for more.

#10. Roasted Chestnuts

Chestnuts roasting on a open fire. If this Christmas lyric is not in your head, it's going to be when you taste hot roasted chestnuts. You can eat this food on the go and indulge your taste buds at the same time. How cool is that?

#11. Ceviche

The refreshing ingredients in this dish hit your taste buds, and you're gone. It's like a party is going on in your mouth, and you're a part of it. Every ingredient comes together perfectly, so you can indulge every part of your mouth. You can make or order ceviche but if it's not quality ceviche then you certainly can't die happy.

#12. Diner Breakfast

There is nothing, NOTHING better to eat before you die then breakfast diner food. Eggs, meat, and toast are what you love to eat the most. When the plates comes to your table, you become excited and dig right into this dish. Before you know it, it's all gone and you're left with only the memory of the dish. That is until you come back to recapture the feeling for your taste buds.

#13. Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap

You love that rice at the bottom of the bowl. You can't deny that as you dig into this bowl starting with the egg yoke. You watch as the yoke spreads throughout the dish, and you can't help but feel happy as it mixes in with the other fresh ingredients. The vibrancy of this dish doesn't hurt the eyes either.

#14. Joe's Stone Crabs

Fresh crab is calling your name as you make your way to Joe's restaurant. The stone crabs are a must eat dish to have before you kick the bucket. You think the crab is tasty but when you add the mustard dipping sauce, it takes this dish to a whole other level. You can't beat fresh crab from the Florida coast, and you shouldn't have to. Keep daydreaming about this dish until the next time you come to Joe's.

#15. Freshly Picked Strawberries

It's the best fruit out there, especially when it's freshly picked. You might as well leave the supermarket now because you won't find any strawberries that are as good as those in the fields. The sweet and unique taste will make you forget about the other fruits that are out there. So go out and pick your own fruit, you won't be sorry.

#16. Lardo

It's an italian piece of meat with the most mouthwatering fat you will ever taste. Once it enters your mouth, you will never be the same again. Lardo is especially good with a glass of high class wine. Don't avoid this delectable meat because you'll certainly be kicking yourself in the afterlife.

#17. Maple Syrup With Pancakes

Fresh and fluffy pancakes is a great experience for your taste buds, especially when fresh maple syrup comes into the mix. Don't even think about adding Aunt Jemma to your pancakes because real syrup will taste ten times better than that store bought crap. Pour as much fresh syrup as you want because if you're going to leave this world, you should leave it with the thick, sweet, and sugary taste going down your throat. Don't die without trying this heavenly breakfast food.

#18. Fresh Ricotta

Store bought Ricotta can't compare to making this tasty cheese on your own. Sure you have to gather a bunch of ingredients and get some dishes dirty but it will all be worth it in the end when your taste buds approve. You can put it in lasagna and add to the delicious taste of this food. You know cheese is a must to have before you die so don't let Ricotta pass you by.

#19. Steak Tartare

It's raw meat but don't be fooled. This dish has so many flavors that your taste buds will thank you. Think of steak tartare as a raw burger and then all your worries will melt away. It may get some getting use to, but this dish won't disappoint.

#20. Tartine Bakery's Chocolate Croissant

You can get a chocolate croissant at just about any bakery but none can compare to Tartine Bakery. It's a french pastry, but the french better watch out for this croissant. The flaky taste along with the chocolate make this pastry the ideal dessert to die from. Obviously you can't just have one of this indulgent dessert and it may kill you in the end but at least you'll be happy.

#21. Fresh Whipped Cream

You can have it on so many things like ice cream, coffee, hot chocolate, and even your Starbucks frappuccino. If it isn't fresh, then it's not worth your time. When you make your own, you feel good about your cooking abilities. Also, it makes you feel good when you're having a bad day. You can't leave this earth without having fresh whipped cream.

#22. Avocado

When you eat right from the avocado, you'll never eat any other foods with good fat again. You can indulge in this food with some salt and lime. It will enhance the taste, and it's even better then having butter. Avocados will be around for a while, but you don't know how long you have on this planet. Eat it before it's too late.

#23. Sfoglia's Loaf Of Bread

You've never had a fresh loaf of bread like this. It may cost $8.50 per loaf, but you will not regret spending your money on this quality product. NYC is where you can eat this fine loaf but make sure you get one as soon as you can because they sell out like nobody's business. Olive oil and a dust of salt puts this bread above the rest, and you can't kick the bucket without this bread meeting your taste buds.

#24. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

You can't leave this planet without grilled cheese and tomato soup. The warmth from both dishes makes you feel right at home. Separately these dishes are great but together they are a powerful force to be reckoned with as they attack your taste buds with cheesy and tomato goodness. You'll regret it if you don't at least try this super dish once in your lifetime.

#25. Tamales

Unwrap this tasty, savory food and let the flavors wrap around your taste buds. Masa dough is just waiting for you when you open your corn husk. The delectable filing will change your life. Your taste buds will never be the same, and you can finally rest in peace.


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