10 Attractions In California You Cannot Miss

Cheryl Brite May 25th 2015 Lifestyle
If you've never been to California, then you're crazy. What have you been doing this whole time? There are places in California you have to go to when you travel to this Golden State. Pack your bags and get ready for some sun, sand, water, and so much fun you'll never want to leave.

#1. Yosemite National Park

Pick up your camera and walk the trails of this breathtaking national park. The mountains and waterfalls will make your jaw drop. It's a great place to go with friends and family. You can even get married amongst the nature that surrounds you. Yosemite has been naturally preserved before you even knew what a national park was, and it's a place where you want to preserve your own memories for years to come.

#2. The Golden Gate Bridge

You've seen this attraction in the 90's when you use to watch Full House, but nothing beats seeing this beautiful structure in person. Whether it's seeing the bridge from far away or while you're driving across it, the Golden Gate bridge is something you can't miss. Did you know it stretches from San Francisco to the Pacific Ocean? Wow, that's long! When this red bridge came to be, it was the longest bridge in the world.

#3. Disneyland

Take family pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. It is a park that will entertain your children and bring out the child in you. This was Walt Disney's vision and before he even built the park, he went around the world looking at other parks to inspire his vision. Adventureland, New Orleans Square, Frontier Land, and Fantasyland are attractions within the park that you need to check out. Don't miss out on this experience because as they say it's fun for the whole family.

#4. Big Sur Coastline

The view is enough to make you want to stay and never ever leave California. See the cliffs, ridges, and the redwood trees that make up this amazing coastline. Their hiking trails will bring out the adventurer in you. As you drive down Highway 1, you will see all the attractions the Big Sur Coastline has to offer. Make sure you pull off to the side of the road to admire the big, blue ocean.

#5. Universal Studios Hollywood

You've been to the Universal Studios in Orlando, but you've never been to the one in Hollywood. Well, what are you waiting for? This theme park started as a tour through the lot of Universal Film Studios but turned into a place where rides and attractions bring in people from all over. The Simpsons, Shrek, and Despicable Me are just some of the attractions you have to checkout, or you can't really say you've been to Universal Studios in Hollywood. If you're more into thriller and action attractions, this theme park offers water and stunt shows that are sure to entertain that side of you and don't forget to look out for the characters wandering the park because you may get your chance to take a picture with Marilyn Monroe.

#6. Death Valley

Don't let the name scare you away from this attraction. It may be the hottest and most driest place in the US, but the view is simply amazing. Geologist will enjoy this part of California because of its valleys, canyons, and other structures to study up close and personal. You should NOT hike the Death Valley trails in the summer because they do not call it Death Valley for nothing. Don't let this discourage you as you look up at the stars in the night sky and see why this attraction is a can't miss place to be.

#7. Sea World, San Diego

How do you not know about Shamu? Well you'll learn about this orca whale and other sea creatures when you enter the world of Sea World. People have come from all over since 1964 to learn about the creatures of the sea. What you're really here to see is Shamu the whale perform amazing water tricks that will splash you if you're sitting up front to watch this astounding creature.

#8. Lake Tahoe

It is certainly one of the most unique views you will ever see on your trip to California. It is a lake that rests between California and Nevada. The trees and mountains bring together skiers, snow mobile riders, hikers, and many more people alike to experience what nature has to offer. You will remember your trip to Lake Tahoe when you capture every memory on film.

#9. Santa Catalina Island

The Bison walk among you at your stay at Catalina Island. It's something you will probably never see anywhere else in California. If the herd of Bison isn't enough of an attraction, a tour in a glass bottom boat will surly attract you to the sea life through the glass. You'll even get to see ship wrecks and the beautiful coral reef. Maybe you'll even see a surfer moving along the waves of the water.

#10. Redwood National Park

The tall redwood trees will make you feel so small as you look up at their never ending height. You can even drive your car through one of these trees as you make your way into the park. Highway 101 also exists through Redwood National Park. Attractions and motels within the park have been around for a long time. You can't see this kind of beauty in any theme park that's for sure.


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