Top 15 Winter Olympic Sports

T.F. Lyle May 15th 2015 Sports
Olympians. The demigods of mankind, metaphorically speaking of course. Men and women from all around the world compete in the Olympics, the sports they're individually good took much of their time, efforts, and skill. Olympic sports are amazing to witness as we, the bums at home, get to watch pure talent and art on the magic box. Enjoy the pics and descriptions.

15. Biathlon

Uber cool and very historical Olympic sport, the biathlon combines cross country skiing and, get this, rifle shooting.

14. Nordic Combined

Nordic Combines joins together two well known Olympic winter sports(thus the word combined): cross country skiing and the famous ski jump.

13. Skeleton

Both men and women can compete in this sport, one of which competitors place their bodies on top a thin sled before they go down a icy track which helps them gain momentum. Oh, did I mention they go head first?

12. Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing includes downhill skiing in which the contestants must follow the fall line of the slope to reach the maximum speed of that slope, and they make it look so easy.

11. Luge

Very similar to Skeleton, Olympians lay their bodies on a sled( this time feet first) and race down an icy slope.

10. Short Track Speed Scating

Multiple skaters compete in a type of competitive skating. The rink itself is small in size, making the race more tight and challenging to compete and/or win.

9. Ski Jumping

Just look at the picture. It's someone with skis and they're going off a large ramp for a jump. Like, hullo.

8. Bobsleigh

Cool right? Usually, a team of two to four can fit in that race car looking sled thing and the team that has the best recorded time of going around the track wins.

7. Speed Skating

This is more of a general kind of Olympic sport. Speed skating can be be done as short track skating, long track skating, or marathon speed skating.

6. Freestyle Skiing

Just like the title, this kind of skiing is pretty varied and with no particular style. Olympians can do anything from aerials, half pipe, slope style, etc.

5. Curling

It's like a weird version of hockey, Curling is when players have to slide stones(not a puck) and get it towards a target which is broken up into four concentric circles.

4. Cross Country Skating

Those who compete in such a sport really have to build themselves up for such a marathon. Working the legs, arms, and pretty much the whole body to such extremes is hard stuff indeed.

3. Hockey

Two teams compete in the ultimate game of getting the puck or ball past the goalie and into the goal.

2. Figure Skating

It was one of the original Olympic sports and it has stuck through the years allowing individuals, trios, or groups to compete in a dance of sorts.

1. Snowboarding

Actually first invented by the United States, snowboarding is a lot harder than it looks, especially when one has to compete for points.


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