Culture Through Fashion: Top 20 Outfits From Around The World

T.F. Lyle May 15th 2015 Lifestyle
From our stubby little toes to the tippy top of our heads we're making a statement. A statement of who we are and where we are from through one thing: our outfits. Through fashion we can peer into different cultures as fashion as a whole is both unique and diverse. For this list, we'll focus more on the traditional outfits of the country.

20. Brazil

A good representation of the colorful Brazilian culture, this outfit is probably a bit heavy but the color clash of reds and yellows is beautiful.

19. Australia

A neat clash of patterns and colors, this traditional Australian outfit has a simplistic sort of beauty.

18. China

Often in robe form, both men and women wear long articles of clothing that are well made and easy to get around in.

17. India

In India, these outfits for men are called Sherwani. This outfit, like the women's outfits, are intricate in design and very reflective of a rich culture.

16. Canada

These people love their red and white colors which represents their country well(like duh). Canadian outfits are also often insulated to keep people warm during the long winter months...or so I'm told.

15. Greenland

Whoa, talk about a fashion statement. It looks like there's some lace, some fur, and some sort of felt material all in one outfit. At least it offers a variety.

14. Italy

I've always loved the little gondolier outfits. The cute straw hats, the red little scarfs, and stripped shirts just make Italy all the more authentic.

13. Philippine

Not really sure what's going on with that dress, but it's traditional and it's unique.

12. Africa

Daw, look at them cute little lion cubs. African outfits usually consist of bright patterns that's separated into two piece suit. Love it.

11. Germany

Those suspenders though.All I can think of when looking at this outfit is the Hoodwinked movie, that part where the woodsman is driving around and singing. You know, that one song about schnitzels, no more spoons, use your hands? No? Well go do yourself a favor and look it up.

10. Georgia

Not sure if it's a robe or a uniform, but it looks schmancy and comfy either way.

9. Saudi Arabia

A simple, yet profound outfit that's traditional and current for those native to Saudi Arabia.

8. Mexico

Hola senorita! Donde esta? Obviously, this woman is doing just dandy. Her outfit says much about mexican culture which is centered on authentic food, traditional dancing/music, and romance.

7. United States

Well, lots of photos came up of american flags on bikinis and then some native american dresses, but the current American, sortoftraditional, outfit is mainly stylish hipster, but it's more or less a good fashion.

6. Egypt

Lovely patterns and design, of course the hat is fantastic.

5. Tibet

In regards to Tibetan women, their fashion is heavily centered on big beads and silky clothes. Refer to photo above.

4. Sicily

Some simple, fairly easy to make outfits here that are often seen during festivals. Very nice.

3. Finland

It's like they packed a rainbow in these lovely outfits...I want one.

2. Switzerland

Ah cha, the land of chocolate and sound of music and all that good stuff. Very cute dresses for the women and the men's outfits are practically the same as traditional German outfits.

1. Iceland

The traditional 18th century outfits of their country, these men look happy to wear these unique styled outfits that are all about those buttons.


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