25 Brilliant Office Pranks to Pull on Coworkers Who Piss You Off - #23 is Absolutely Hysterical!

T.F. Lyle May 14th 2015 Humor
Time slows down, work assignments get monotonous, and twiddling ones thumbs is no longer entertaining. We all get bored at work sometimes, so what to do? Answer is, what not to do? Check out the list below of fun office pranks. Disclaimer: You could suffer dire consequences if you play these pranks in the office or on certain people so be wary.

1. Change Bathroom Signs

Usually you can only trick the newbies in the office workplace as they don't know which bathroom is which, but sometimes(only sometimes) you can trick the typical office workers into going into the wrong bathroom.

2. Put Horn Under Chair

Don't do this to an older individual as this prank is a guaranteed heart attack. The results to any other fellow(younger) worker is definitely worth the risk.

3. Put Nicholas Cage Pictures Everywhere

No, seriously, put the pictures everywhere. All over the wall, on the back of chairs, on the toilet seat. The best time to pull of this prank is, of course, when your work buddy is on vacation.

4. Put a Sticky Note on Bottom of Computer Mouse

Time how long it takes each person to figure out what's wrong with their computer mouse...heck, make a contest out of it.

5. Re-Organize OCD Friend's Desk

Even if they're not OCD, people don't like finding things where they're typically placed which makes this prank both worthwhile and entertaining.

6. Plastic Wrap On the Toilet Seat

Boys or girls bathroom you ask? Heck, do em both. If you like to witness the fruits of your labor, be in a stall nearby and just wait for the sound of success.

7. Old Office Supplies in the Jello Prank

Be creative with what office supply you choose to consume in this solid and liquid masterpiece. The reaction of the person who discovers this prank is the best part, so be watching nearby.

8. Change Screen Shot of Fellow Employees' Computer

Don't be a sicko and change the screen shot to something inappropriate. Find something funny or something only the person being pranked would understand.

9. Birthday Wrap Everything

It's like Christmas morning but better though the person you pranked may think otherwise.

10. Change the Language on Someone's Cellphone

Hola, donde estas mi amigo. This prank might prove a bit more difficult as its hard to get a cellphone away from anyone's hands these days, but keep your eyes open for the right opportunity.

11. Replace Soap With Shaving Cream

Just the harmless, classic prank that has yet to lose its entertainment value.

12. Put Marbles in Hubcap of Car

Marbles placed behind a vehicle hubcap cause a whole lot of racket in a car and a whole lot of confusion to the driver. Priceless.

13. Make Fellow Worker Go on Scavenger Hunt

Take an object a fellow employee holds dear to their heart and leave little notes around the office to help them find it. Have the hunt end in the restroom or in the employee fridge, make them work for it.

14. Spray the Crap out of the Office Area

Use fart spray, body odor spray, or, if you're in a good mood, spray something that smells musty and just go crazy consuming everything in sight with that scent.

15. Hijack Somebody's Music

The fun thing to do is to crank up the music when no one is around and/or add a strange playlist to their music list.

16. Put Rubber Bands Over Work Phone

Just sit back and enjoy the show.

17. Change Office/Work Coffee to Decaf

See how many people notice the difference in their heated beverage, or if they'll notice at all as decaf coffee equals sleep.

18. Prank Call Employee

Pretend to be a drug lord interested in buying the company product or maybe just make strange sounds on the other line... keep your fellow employees wondering.

19. Put Clear Nail Polish On Writing Utensils

Don't just paint one utensil, put nail polish on them all. Get them panicky and desperate. If they come to you for a writing utensil, make them pay for it either in money or candy form.

20. Make Fake Poop

Easy to make, fun to hear the horror in your employees voices as they describe their disgusting encounter, and a way to turn your glum day around.

21. Fill Your Boss's Office With Thousands of Balloons

This would be the perfect birthday prank, can you imagine someone spending half an hour trying to get into their damn office?

22. Cover Everything in Post-it notes

This would be an absolute joy to watch. Even though this would take a good amount of time to setup, it would take just the same amount of time for someone to clean up!

23. Put a Terrifying Image on the Ceiling

This would be the perfect revenge for that coworker who annoys you. This could make that individual poop his or her pants!

24. Red Cup Fortress

Anything that's a pain in the butt to setup, is a pain in the ass to clean up. Worth every minute.

25. Cover Everything in Bird Seed

If anything, this would get that coworker of yours chirping for hours trying to clean up the mess.


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