The 10 Worst Teams in MLB Baseball History

Johnson Pitchfork March 10th 2015 Sports
Everybody loves a winner but the fact of the matter is that everybody loves losers more. Without losers, we’d have no winners and every season there are 29 losers to go with that one winner. Here are the 10 worst losers in league history.

10. 2012 Houston Astros

They finished the season with a record of 55-107 surpassing the franchise record for worst season set just a year earlier. Any team that sucks that bad deserves to be on this list.

9. 1945 Chicago Cubs

True, this team made the world series and were actually doing quite well at one point but that was against teams who had sent a lot of their top talent overseas to fight in World War II. Then during game 4 of the series, the owner of the Cubs ejected a fan that brought his pet billy goat to the game; and not even for legitimate reasons. The fan actually had a ticket for his goat so it’s not like he was taking up the space of a paying customer. Their explanation was that the goat had a foul odor which I believe to be a load of crap because in my own personal experience, the goat could not have possibly smelled much worse than the rest of the fans. When the team lost the series, the fans claimed that a goat had placed a curse on them.

8. 1993 Chicago Cubs

This is the year the Cubs finally admitted to themselves that they were indeed a steaming pile of manure. Their biggest free agent acquisition was Henry Rowengartner, a 12 year old little league player who had his tendons surgically tightened to accelerate his pitch speed. This wouldn’t be the last time the Cubs turned a blind eye toward a borderline immoral, competitive advantage.

7. 1998 Chicago Cubs

An exciting season for baseball fans in general, many eyes were focused on the north side as there was a tight race for the long standing home run record involving Cubs right fielder, and now legendary rule breaker, Sammy Sosa; he corked, he juiced, he tried to change his skin color and he forgot an entire language overnight just to avoid questioning. Just barely eking into the playoffs, the Cubs had a first round exit just in time to make the October tee times they scheduled back in April. Sosa was the MVP that year despite taking his team nowhere and finishing second to Mark McGwire in the home run race proving once and for all, the BBWAA has taken a lot of pity on this sad excuse for a franchise.

6. 1984 Chicago Cubs

One win away from making it to the World Series, the team realized they didn’t have lighting in their stadium to accommodate hosting the fall classic so they decided to stop playing higher than their skill level. The real losers here are the fans who this team actually had a shot.

5. 2012 Chicago Cubs

They finished the season with 101 losses, second in franchise history only to the 1966 team (more about them later). The front office tried to play it cool by stating they were in a rebuilding phase that would extend through the following season but when that year turned into a real stinkaroo as well they fired their manager which means they actually had higher expectations and are a bunch of stinkin’ liars. Now, if you want someone to make you a pot, you gotta give them clay. If you want someone to manage your baseball club, you gotta give them baseball players. Nobody on this team qualified as such.

4. 1932 Chicago Cubs

This team did in fact make the World Series but it was by pure luck. This team was in fact so horrible that George Herman Ruth was able to walk up to the plate during this series and point exactly where he was about to hit a home run. I mean come on, how bad do you have to suck to have somebody do that? I would do that playing whiffle ball against my 8 year old cousin but that’s about it. He’s the only thing in this world that could suck at baseball as much as the 1932 Chicago Cubs.

3. 2003 Chicago Cubs

In perhaps the single moment that completely defines the futility of this team, they were six outs away from making a trip to the World Series when Moises Alou misplayed a pop foul down the left field line and ended up going on a tirade lambasting an innocent fan in the crowd. That moment completely froze the momentum the Cubs had at the time and allowed the Marlins to regroup and win not only that game but the following game as well. That game changed the Cubs fans’ scapegoat from an actual goat to a real live human being and all because the Cubs really don’t want to win in the first place.

2. 1977 Chicago Cubs

Sitting at 19 games over .500 at the all star break, this team finished 4th in their league with a measly 81-81 record. At one point in the season they had an 8 ½ game lead over the nearest contender for the NL Pennant and they finished 4th! That, my friends, is a collapse of epic proportions.

1. 1966 Chicago Cubs

In 1966 the Chicago Cubs finished with 103 losses. For those of you who are casual baseball fans, 100 losses is the benchmark for what qualifies as a hot garbage season. Then look at the roster for that year and see that they had Ernie Banks, Ferguson Jenkins, Billy Williams and Ron Santo. Now imagine how much they would have sucked if they didn’t have those four Cubbie legends.


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