20 of The Best Viners on the World Wide Web

T.F. Lyle May 13th 2015 Humor
They're short videos packed with humor, pure randomness, and pranks. Hundreds of vines and viners are all over You Tube these days, showing media junkies around the world the power of short video, but which ones are the best? You decide.

20. Brittany Furlan

She's a natural comedian and creative individual who has made it to the top viners for her extraordinary ability to terrorize people and make it hilarious.

19. Josh Darnit

The sarcasm is strong in this one. Josh Darnit(yup, real name), his vines, and his children are always entertaining as both scripted and unscripted videos capture this man and his family's natural humor.

18. Matt Cutshall

Mostly comedy centered vines ( go figure) Matt loves to entertain with good humor and sometimes singing.

17. Eh Bee

Ahh, run, it's a bee! Actually, Bee's vines focuses on the life of yet another vine dad whose daughter is seemingly evil. Go watch the videos for yourself.

16. Rudy Mancuso

He plays many different characters through his vines, each equally interesting and funny, but the best vines include Rudy and his mother.

15. Curtis Lepore

It's all fun and games until a white guy tries to act like a gangsta. Also, gotta love the doll hand vines.

14. Brandon Calvillo

Who doesn't like to hear a mocker mocking everything from girls, to other vine addicts, to mocking itself? Brandon sure does.

13. Jordan Burt

Just check out his nerdy acting vines, they're both accurate and hilarious.

12. Bat Dad

That's right, it's the dark knight in a whole new and deadly form...Bat Dad. This man will keep his identity a secret, his super gig on the tracks, and his vine fans wanting more.

11. Zach Piona

Take a guess at what this viner is famous for...I'll give you a hint: It has something to do with his whole face.

10. Josh Peck

Josh used to be on the Nickelodeon show Josh & Drake but now the new and improved, fully grown man Josh spends his time vining...poking fun mainly at girls and typical stereotypes.

9. King Bach

Bach surely is the king of the vines as his videos show off much of his own athletic abilities(actual talent) and his creative acting abilities that can get a laugh out of anyone. He has five million followers for a reason.

8. Meghan McCarthy

What a name and what a viner. Meghan's voice is legitly that of a toddler( no, really, she can't help it) but she uses her voice as an advantage.

7. Jerome Jarr

A friendly Frenchman who loves to give hugs and spread joy. You just keep doing your thing man.

6. Marcus and Cody Johns

Two brothers who pack the extra laughs and the creative character playing. The brothers have separate vine accounts, but some of their best vines included them as a team.

5. Nicholas Megalis

All this viner needs is six seconds to turn music into jokes...musical jokes.

4. Arron Crascall

Whether he's playing off of other famous vines/videos, dancing in public, or just talking in his cutesy little accent, Arron is a natural viner who made binge watching vines an acceptable thing.

3. David Lopez

This young man embraces his ethnicity like a true ese(man), often singing about eating tortillas and being a landscaper. Very entertaining.

2. Christian DelGresso

Such a spaz, Christian's humorous vines have a lot to do with being both relatable and dramatized. His screaming like a banshee every five seconds also adds a lot to his individuality and vine uniqueness.

1. Thomas Sanders

Drum roll please....thank you. And the top vine maniac goes to...Thomas Sanders! He's the ultimate creative, Disney, theater, dramatist, pranker you'll ever get to see on YouTube. You won't get tired of watching this guy.


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