20 Dangerous Stunts Gone Wrong

TonyTwoGuns May 13th 2015 Humor
Have you ever gone to watch a crazy stunt show that did not turn out like it was planned? There have been legendary stunt artists that have failed on their mission to break a record and please their fans. Below you will discover 20 stunts gone wrong.

#20 Red Bull

Red Bull energy drink brand is continuously sponsoring the crazy stunt artists. This is one time that their cash went up in flames.

#19 Moto GP Motorcycle Stunt

This is a stunt that never started in the correct position. Of course, the driver in the car never suffered any injuries, unlike the cyclist.

#18 Professional Air Show

Air shows are few and far between and maybe this stunt gone wrong is why. These two planes made contact, while performing a stunt.

#17 Crocodile Disaster

Many daring capers are trying to defeat the crocodile, but it did not work this time. Looks like the alligator got the best of this dude.

#16 Hot Cheerleaders

They may be sexy, but they are clumsy. This is a cheer stunt that failed in more ways than one.

#15 3rd Annual Bike Event 2007

There are many motor cyclists enjoy showing off for the crowd. This stunt failed to impress.

#14 Eaten Alive

Discovery channel sponsored this knuckle head, since he thought that anaconda could eat him alive. Instead, it almost crushed his lungs and caused him huge embarrassment in front of a worldwide crowd.

#13 Evel Knievel

Evel was a very well-known stunt artist that loved to impress the crowd. He broke almost every bone in his body throughout his career.

#12 Slammin’ Sammy

Sammy just could not make it through the fire hoop. Instead he crashed head on into a pile of vehicles.

#11 Dirt Bike Crash

Who wouldn’t love riding a three wheeler round, round, and round a dirt track. Well, this guy most likely got sick of the repetitive sport.

#10 Queda de Moto Crash

This dude looks like a crash dummy instead of a real human being. Crazy how fast you can crash, after making a wrong move.

#9 Drinking Water for a Wii

A woman in Rancho Cordova attempted to win a Nintendo Wii, by chugging a ton of water. Unfortunately, she won, but paid with her life!

#8 The Glass Roof

In the Independence Square of Kiev, Ukraine, some dumb kids wanted to pull off a cool stunt. Of course, the kids fell approximately 40 to 50 feet and were badly injured. Suffice to say, both had been drinking.

#7 Karl Wallenda

This guy was one of the most spectacular tight rope walkers, if there is such a thing. Of course, he died tragically. However, this didn't teach his grandchildren any lessons.

#6 Ariel Act Gone Wrong

In Providence, Rhode Island, two aerial acrobats were injured, when they plummeted from the ceiling and hit the floor. The woman suffered neck and back fractures, as well as a pierced liver!

#5 Mauled In New Delhi

In September of 2014, an Indian student decided to confront a white tiger at the National Zoological Park in New Delhi. Look at the picture and you'll be able to determine the victor.

#4 Serenading the Lions

At a Memphis Tennessee Zoo, a woman jumped the barrier and attempted to sing to and feed the lions. Although she wasn't injured, she was hauled away. What a fool!

#3 Modeling Gone Wrong

This hunky tighty whitey model, Greg Plitt, was attempting to show off in front of a train, when he was hit and killed. He was attempting to record the incident, when he tripped and fell.

#2 Running With the Bulls

This guy found out really quick that he was no contestant with the bull. The bull happily gored him in the side with his horn.

#1 Pamplona Bull Run

This is a gory injury that will make your skin crawl, but this dude is trying to hang on for dear life. He underwent surgery to repair this horrific injury.


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