10 Places In Australia Tourists Should Travel on a Vacation

Cheryl Brite May 11th 2015 Lifestyle
If you're trying to figure out the best places to travel in Australia, online is the best place to look. As a tourist you want to go to the best attractions that Australia has to offer. You want to capture the best moments possible in the greatest spots in the land down under. Don't miss your opportunity to explore Australia.

#10. Sydney

It's the first thing you think about when you think of Australia. The Opera House and the Darling Harbor are a couple sights to see in Sydney where you can see a show, go shopping, visit museums, and so much more. When you explore downtown Sydney, you can see its amazing view from Sydney Tower like the Blue Mountains. At night you will find this city is active with nightclubs so you can party until the sun comes up.

#9. Cairns

You can explore the Great Barrier Reef and the sea life that surrounds the reef. When you've had enough of the sea, take a cable car over the rainforest to see the amazing views of nature from above. There are even tours to places like Port Douglas and Daintree National Park, so you can take a closer look at the nature of Cairns. Cairns's national park has the biggest variety of planets on the planet, so it looks like you'll be at Daintree National Park for a while.

#8. Gold Coast

You have to check out Australia's beautiful Gold Coast. You know you're a beach lover so don't waist your time anywhere else. Theme Parks are attractions you can't miss if you're into rides. If you're a surfer who enjoys the night life, then Surfer's Paradise is for you. Mountains and National Parks are also a can't miss feature of the Gold Coast with their breathtaking views that you can capture on your camera forever.

#7. Fraser Island

You can drive a four wheeler or take a driving tour to this island. It's the only way you're getting there. Nature and wildlife come together to make this island an unforgettable site. Fraser Island is a great place to relax and enjoy the sand beneath your feet.

#6. Magnetic Island

The name alone should attract you to this island. Magnetic Island has great beaches where part of the island is considered a national park. Within this national park, you can see wild animals like Koalas and Kangaroos. When you've had enough excitement with the animals, a walk on the trecks is a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery.

#5. Whitsundays

What an interesting name for an attraction, don't you think? You're an underwater, food loving, nightlife tourist, who loves to take helicopter rides to exotic places like the Great Barrier Reef. The Whitehaven is another place you like to visit in Whitsundays where the snow white sand will amaze you. You love to sail upon its waters as you listen to your tour guide tell you about the area.

#4. Ayers Rocks

As a tourist you didn't know this attraction also goes by the name Uluru. The Ayers Rock is a huge piece of rock that has meaning to the Aborigines. The wide desert surrounds this amazing rock. When you're finished taking pictures of this monolith, you can explore the city of Alice Springs.

#3. Great Ocean Road

This attraction has to be pretty great if its called the Great Ocean Road. Take a nice 3 hour car ride from Melbourne and experience what the road has to offer you. Beautiful coasts and mountains surround you on your drive. You will also get to see the 12 Apostles, which is a giant rock that was created by the erosion of the sea and winds and today, there are only 8 Apostles.

#2. Kakadu National Park

You love to hike, and this national park is practically made for you. The wildlife is to die for where the animals and plants will make your hike a worthwhile trip. Kakadu National park is so popular that you will never hike alone. You don't care because the amazing views more than compensate for the people hiking ahead or behind you.

#1. Tasmania

If you want to experience a New Zealand like view, then Tasmania is the place for you. It is said to be one of the most beautiful attractions in Australia. The nature and beach life is something you must explore while you're here. Mountains, lagoons, and historical sites are available to satisfy the adventurer in you. The Tasmania prison is another place you can visit where British convicts to be jailed for their crimes.


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