20 Fun and Exciting Jobs you Should Consider

T.F. Lyle May 8th 2015 Lifestyle
Job occupations are what you may or may not do for the rest of your natural life...at least until you get old and senile. So, point is, why not do a job you love, one that would never get old, and one that you could easily wake up for every morning and be excited about. The following list includes, and is not limited to, the most unique and exciting jobs around the world.

20. Stage Dancer

As a stage dancer, you get a serious cardiac workout almost everyday. Plus, something about dancing is very freeing and joyful.

19. Sky Diving Certified Partner

For a job, you get to partner up with new or returning sky divers then go free falling man. Basically, you just make sure people who sign up and jump out a freakin plane have fun and stay safe.

18. Truck Driver

Depending on the truck company you decide to work for, you might get to travel the states, sleep in a cozy cab, or try a whole chain of interesting/delicious restaurants.

17. Marine-Life Vetrinarian

Everything from working with seals to dolphins, marine life veterinarian's may have to deal with some grody stuff, but for the most part, they get to interact with amazing aquatic animals.

16. Pilot

Pilot of what you ask? Umm, try anything and everything that can get its hunk in the air and stay there. I can imagine such an experience of being in the sky for a lifetime job is near heaven.

15. Food Critic

You get to eat food all day and say either " Oh glob, can I have another plate of dis stuff?" or " Eww grody brah, get this junk out of my sight!" Convinced yet? You should be!

14. PBS Traveler

I guess it doesn't have to be PBS, but you get the point. You get to travel, you get to try the food and wine of different countries, and you get to have the time of your life. Hard work involved? Probably, but it seems to come with its benefits.

13. War Correspondent

Yipes....scary much? But if you like a challenge, if you like to find out the truth, and if you like to be in the danger zone, this job is the one for you.

12. Race Car Driver

Pedal to the medal man! Race Car driving looks both fun and challenging, especially for a full time job. But you get well known by NASCAR lovers and can get around dumb drivers with ease on the highway.

11. Photographer

Either a photographer who takes pictures or films video, this job is an outlet for the creative junkies out there. It's all about having the eye for shots and knowing the best angle to film things.

10. Owner of Local Coffee Shop

Meh, why not? Super chill atmosphere, surrounded by the smell of coffee brewing, and soft music playing in the background, this is my plan b for life.

9. Musician

You make a name for yourself. You create, you perform, you travel, and it's awesome.

8. Mural Painter

It's like finger painting, but better. Mural painter's work is typically showcased to many people so it's a good way for starting artists to....well, start.

7. Language Translator

I heard this specific position is in dire need of multilingual employees, and hey, it makes sense. Multilingual individuals are uber talented,smart, and rare. Many people would pay high dollar to have a translator.

6. Movie Director

You could totally be the next Peter Jackson! George Lucas! Steven Spielberg! This job would take lots of experience and hard work, but you would get to share your visions with thousands, maybe even millions of viewers.

5. Freelance Inventor

There are many people out there in this world who have minds chock full of ideas. Why not share them? You might be surprised how needed your ideas are.

4. Fragrance Chemist

To sum up, you get to smell a combination of different chemicals all day and determine which chemicals would smell the best for fragrances. Just don't get high.

3. Employee for Social Media Website

You could write blogs or take pictures for Pinterest. This day and age, having computer savvy skills and knowing how social media operates is key.

2. Hawaii Hula Dancer

Similar to the first job listed, hula dancers get to perform an art of sorts that is derived from a rich, tropical culture. Plus, you get to wear those cool grass skirt thingies.

1. Acrobat

You don't even have to confess anything, I know you wanted to join the circus when you were little or, at least, you thought about it. Being an acrobat for a full time job has its ups and downs but it's a beautiful and talent driven occupation.


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