20 Ridiculously Unusual Fashion Outfits That Will Shock You

Papa D May 8th 2015 Lifestyle
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes that beholder just so happens to be somewhat insane. Or maybe I just have no sense of fashion. Either way here are 20 outfits that’ll make you think that maybe even you could get into the fashion business with the help of some magical mushrooms.

20. This Sunny Side Up Dress

You know when you’re sitting down eating breakfast and when you look at your eggs you just think “Wow I wish I could wear that” No? You haven’t had that thought? Guess this dress isn't all it’s cracked up to be then.

19. The Book Dress?

Or maybe they’re cards, or calendars? Whatever they are she looks damn proud to be encased in them.

18. Boxy Bird Suit

So not too sure what’s going on here. Kinda Aztec or Mayan? Where are his arms?

17. Frankenstein Football Player

What exactly are we supposed to be noticing about this? Kinda looks like the model is wearing a sweater over football armor. Check out that “cup” action as well.

16. 3D Hexagon Dress

This one looks like it came straight out of a 3D printer. How are you supposed to fold this up? Or even store it in a closet?

15. Blow Fish Dress

Don’t really get the “point” of that hairstyle. How’d she get her arms in there?

14. Tweety Fashion Look

It’s about time someone made a fashion statement about looney tunes and their eye stylistic choices.

13. Kermit Dress

While on the topic of children shows good to know that Kermit has a spot in the fashion world. Just why did they have to kill so many poor frogs?

12. This Resourceful Dress

Well sometimes you just gotta grab all the scraps left over from making other outfits and twist them together.

11. A Playful Dress

I have a theory that this model just covered herself in tape then jumped into the play pin at Chuck E. Cheese. Whatever really happened she’s really got some balls to walk around with that on.

10. Fuzzy Disney Jersey Outfit

Now I know this is making some type of statement about Disney but I just can’t see past the silver lip holds.

9. Ramen Hat Outfit

Not sure what that pose is supposed to mean but that hat looks she somehow cut a hole in a huge square of instant ramen.

8. The Carousal Dress

Everything was going well and then the designer just says “Hey! I’m going to put a carousal right at the bottom of this”

7. Tide Detergent Dress

So you wash clothes with Tide but what do you wash clothes made of tide with?

6. Mask Skirt and Roped Headgear

Well I guess the attendees will remember this one in their nightmares so still making a statement.

5. Wood Plank Helmet Outfit

He said he could build the patio for his wife and came out looking like that. Maybe too much glue and nails.

4. Pinhead Outfit

At first he may seem scary but if you get past the whole needles coming out of his head you’ll notice cute doggies on him. So adorable.

3. The Little Schoolboy

Looks like a man who just never managed to get his mom to stop picking out his clothes.

2. All of the Tassels Dress

Hey, you like tassels? How about you wear all the tassels we have?

1. The Retro Disc

Well she kept biting on her stitches so we had to but the restraint on her. It’s fun to try and throw stuff in there though.


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