Top 10 Attractions To See While In Antarctica

Cheryl Brite May 5th 2015 Lifestyle
You don't often think of a cold place to travel to when you're on vacation. Antarctica is probably one of the last places you would even consider but don't cut it out just yet. Antarctica has many attractions that will inspire the adventurer in you to step outside your comfort zone. While it is a cold continent, you will not be sorry by what you see on your exploration.

#10. Mount Erebus

You've climbed every mountain you can think of, but you haven't climbed this one. As you gather your gear and make your way up the mountain, the cold air will hit you right away. It's a beautiful breathtaking view when you finally reach the top. While you're exhausted and cold from the climb, you're proud that you've crossed Mt. Erebus offer your list.

#9. Canada Glacier

Odds are you've never seen anything this big before. It's a dense piece of ice that floats on its own weight and is formed by the accumulation of snow. This majestic glacier will have you taking out your camera and taking dozens of pictures to show your friends when you get back home. It's amazing how big glaciers like the Canada Glacier can get, and you know it won't always be the same size forever.

#8. Blue Ice

The Blue Ice is mesmerizing in Antarctica. Of course it is only the result of ice freezing over the water but the blue is so beautiful that you just want to reach out and touch it. A picture won't do it justice. You have to travel to Antarctica and see the ice for yourself.

#7. Transantarctic Mountains

Whether they are snow covered or bare, these are mountains you will want to climb to experience Antarctica. If you're lucky enough to bring your camera, you will be able to capture spectacular views of the snow covered world that is Antarctica. You'll be thrilled that you made it to the top in one piece. Sure the cold was a nuisance the whole way to the top but you can't experience this type of journey anywhere else.

#6. Icebergs

When you think of icebergs, what comes to mind first? The answer is Antarctica obviously. Icebergs come in all shapes and sizes so one will not look like the others. An iceberg is a part of a glacier that breaks off and floats freely in the water. While learning about icebergs isn't exactly fun, seeing them in person makes you feel so small and at same time amazed by the gigantic, floating pieces of ice.

#5. Albert P. Crary Science and Engineering Center

It isn't the most attractive looking center from the outside but the inside is a whole different story. This 4,320 square meters facility holds a biology, earth sciences, and atmospheric sciences pods as well as an aquarium. It was named after a geophysicist and glaciologist Albert P. Crary for his achievements in 1991 by the National Science Foundation. This science and engineering center is where new discoveries are made. How exciting is that?

#4. Aurora Australis

If the lights in the sky of Antarctica doesn't get you here, then nothing else will. The sky experiences different colors of light depending on what's going on in the environment of the atmosphere. It's a natural light that will not only amaze and astound you, but it also is a great, romantic setting for couples. You have to travel to Antarctica to see this. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

#3. Observation Hill

What better place to observe Antarctica then on a 754 foot hill? It is located next to McMurdo Station and is often called the "Ob Hill." You can bring friends and family with you to experience the environment and to take pictures that will last forever. Observation Hill overlooks the buildings below and also gives you a good view of the continent.

#2. McMurdo Station

This is the station you see as you're standing on the observation hill. From the hill it looks so intricate and different then when you're seeing McMurdo Station close up. It's a polar research organization where cargo passes through this station first from Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. It is a place of science and research that you won't be able to fully experience if you don't discover this station for yourself.

#1. Antarctic Ocean

It's a wide cold ocean that you can only appreciate on a boat. There are so many animals to see and so may pictures to take that you'll run out of film before you even get to the shore. It's a big, big ocean out there and odds are you won't be able to explore every part. You'll see glaciers as tall as buildings and icebergs floating right past you, and you know you'll never forget your time in Antarctica.


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