20 Individuals With Weird Addictions That Will Shock You

TonyTwoGuns May 4th 2015 Lifestyle
Addiction is a very serious and powerful disease. Millions of people suffer from a variety of different addictions. However, while some addictions like video game addiction or shopping addiction may not be as serious as being addicted to drugs or gambling all addictions still have negative effects. Check out some of these strange addictions.

#20 Set The World On Fire

Some people like to drink gasoline. Gas smells good, but it could not taste too good. This 20 year old drinks 12 teaspoons a day to keep her healthy.

#19 Not Only Good For Sleeping

Many people use a mattress to sleep on, but this young lady eats them. This is probably why she looks so soft. She has eaten a total of 8 mattresses since her addiction began.

#18 Dracula

It has been a long time myth that vampires need human blood to survive. This 29- year-old is not a vampire, but she does have an addiction to human and animal blood.

#17 Same Sex Marriage

This guy is in love with his car. Get this, he is a male and his car is also a male named Chase. This guy dates his car, buys it gifts, and he is even intimate with it. What is he going to do when it breaks down for good?

#16 Ear Wax

It is always a good idea to keep your ears clear, but this lady took it to the next level. For 12 hours a day she cleans her ear canals with sharp objects.

#15 Giraffe

It has been a custom of many African tribes to wear neck rings. This 29-year-old woman is addicted to it. She is going to be the first human giraffe.

#14 Pica

This 19-year-old lady loves to eat sand. She will eat sand mixed in with her food. Guess what her favorite snack is? Gum covered in sand. This condition is not unheard of and it is known as Pica.

#13 That’s Warm

Is has been said that drinking your own urine can be healthy for you. This lady is addicted to it, and she loves it warm.

#12 Not Intended For Eating Purposes

This lady wants to look beautiful on the inside that’s why she consumes 15-20 compacts a day. This 22-year-old lady from Ohio is dying from her habit.

#11 Are You Serious?

This 20-year-old is in love with inflatable animals. He has 15 of these animals that he cooks gourmet meals for. Is this seriously a condition?

#10 Chalk Is For Chalkboards

This lady is addicted to eating chalk. It is also a well-known fact that many pregnant women crave chalk.

#9 Drywall

This lady is addicted to eating drywall. Not only is she destroying her health, but she is also wrecking her home. She will bust holes in her walls and just have a snack.

#8 Ken Doll

This gay man has invested more than $100,000 in plastic surgery to make himself look like a real life ken doll. He has had at least 100 facial surgeries.

#7 Couch’s Are For Relaxing

This lady has been eating couch cushions for over 20 years. She has already had bowl obstructions, but she still continues with her addiction.

#6 Neigh

Nicole has been dressing up like a horse everyday for the last 20 years. This is known as pony play and she is not the only person that is doing this.

#5 Air Freshener

This 20-year-old lady from Missouri loves to drink air freshener. She goes through 20 cans of air freshener a week, and her favorite flavor is fresh linen.

#4 Paint The House

This 43-year-old mother of two loves drinking paint. She says that she loves it when the paint goes down her throat, and it taste like a glass of warm milk.

#3 Baby Got Back

This 23-year-old woman has taken her addiction just a little too far. She is addicted to butt injections. She has had 54 injections in the past three years. It is hard to believe the doctors would let her do this.

#2 Bee Stings

This 53-year-old woman from Kentucky loves stinging herself with bees. She does this up to 100 times a week, and she gets a sexual pleasure from it.

#1 Fur Ball

This 43-year-old woman from Detroit loves eating her cat’s hair. She eats 3 hairs balls a day, which are the size of a quarter. She has been doing this for the past 15 years. Sometimes she will even lick the hair right off her cat’s back. Wonder what the cat looks like?


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