20 Things to Remember When Camping

T.F. Lyle May 1st 2015 Lifestyle
Some people adore camping while others absolutely loathe it, but the outdoors is not always a place people like to spend the night(wimps). But this article is for the nature lovers, those who do enjoy camping. Here are some key things to either remember or to bring when planning to go camping so you come prepared!

20. Put your Match Boxes in a Ziploc Bag

You never know if your stuff is going to get wet, or when you might need to start an emergency fire.

19. Bring a Can Opener

Got to eat to live, and gotta be smart enough to bring the utensils you need to enjoy your can o' beans or whatever it is and/or not starve to death.

18. Always have a First Aid Kit Nearby

Just in case anyone decides to die, I mean, get injured, while being outdoors, this kit will be a life saver(hehe). Better safe than sorry.

17. Bring Clothing for All Weather

It might rain, it might get scolding hot, it might get frigid cold, you just never know.

16. Have a Pocket Knife Handy

So useful, especially the little Swiss Army Knives. You might need a knife to cut your hot dog in half, you might need one to skin a fish, you might need one to stab a rabid raccoon. Be prepared for anything.

15. Bug Spray!!

Don't let the little buggers(hehe) eat you alive. We are the superior creatures who have inventions to keep our blood in our body so... take advantage.

14. Avoid Tall Grass and/or Shadowed Areas

Snakes, people, snakes. They like to hide in cool places, by wooded areas, or in tall grass so be cautious.

13. Have a Life Jacket on When Near Water

Duh. Even if you are a good swimmer, having a life jacket on never hurt anybody for it can save most everybody.

12. Find Level, Relatively Clear Ground for Tent

Usually you don't notice you're on un-level, rocky ground until you're sleeping on it so do yourself a favor and check beforehand.

11. Always Bring Extra Food

If you get temporarily stranded or lost, at least you have some marshmallows and beans to eat. Also, when going on a hike or a kayak trip, have food in your backpack just in case.

10. Always Bring Extra Blankets

It gets cold at night, even during the summer, so don't freeze to death. Bundle up!

9. Bring Foldible Chairs

The outdoors might provide some natural seats like a log or a big boulder, but near your campsite, it's nice to have an actual chair available for everyone.

8. Always Wash Up After a Walk

There is poison ivy, itchy weeds, and bugs all over the place. Wash your legs and arms with cold water after a hike to make sure that crap isn't on your skin.

7. Drink your Water

Have a whole jug of the stuff. Heck, bring four jugs if you have the option(which you should make that an option). It's important to stay hydrated when you are out in the middle of nowhere.

6. Carry a Whistle

Mainly for emergency purposes in case you twist your ankle or get stuck somewhere. Most people know that somebody is calling for help when a whistle is being blown...most people.

5. Bring Something to Do

Hey, there are down times... even when camping. After a day full of strenuous activities, getting an hour to read a book or play a card game gives your body a chance to rest and relax.

4. Have Extra Stakes for Tent

When one stake comes out, others may follow and then, before you know it, down goes the tent. Always make sure your tent bag has extras.

3. Remember your Directions

Don't be a moron. Trails can be confusing and similar looking so know where you're going or get lost forever and eaten by the creatures of the night.

2. Keep Food Away From Campsite

So the animals don't get into the stuff and/or eat you for a dessert.

1. Tell Someone your Plans

This is just to be safe. If someone else knows where you're going and when you expect to be back, it's just a safe guarantee that if you get caught up in trouble, that person will know something is wrong.


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