20 Most Expensive Motorcycles Ever Made

TonyTwoGuns April 27th 2015 Lifestyle
Who doesn’t love riding a Motorcycle? A motorcycle can be a great way to get away from real life, and make you feel like you are free. Not only do motorcycles give the rider a great sense of enjoyment, but also they always provide a reliable means of transportation. With that being said, there are some motorcycles out there that are very expensive, and the normal public probably won’t be able to afford them.

#20 Easy Rider

Do you remember Captain American the Panhead from Easy Rider? Just about everyone remembers Peter Fonda cruising on this beautiful bike. This bike was sold for $1.6 million dollars.

#19 1910 Winchester 6 HP

200 of these bikes were built by the Winchester Rifle Company, but it has only recently been discovered that one of them still exists. The bike was purchased at an auction for $580,000.

#18 1922 Brough Superior SS80

This bike was given the nickname Old Bill, and it sold at auction for $463,847. This bike won more than 50 races with George Brough ridding the bike himself.

#17 1958 Ariel 650 Cyclone

This bike was a limited edition and one time belonged to Buddy Holly. The bike was sold in 2014 for $450,000.

#16 1939 Vincent-HRD Series

This is one rare motorcycle, because production had to be halted because of the outbreak of World War II. There are only 50 known editions of this bike still alive. One of these bikes was sold for $357,291.

#15 1934 Brough Superior SS100

Here you have another rare bike. Only eight of these bikes were ever built. One of them was just recently sold at auction for $330,000.

#14 MV-Augusta F4CC

Claudio Castiglioni created this motorcycle. This bike can reach speeds of 195 miles per hour. If you want one of these bad boys it is going to cost you $120,000.

#13 MTT Turbine Superbike

Not only is this bike expensive, but also it is very fast. This bike holds the Guinness’s world record for being the fastest production bike ever made. One of these bikes will cost you $150,000.

#12 Icon Sheene

Andrew Morris created this bike in honor of legendary British Grand Prix racer Barry Sheene. Only 52 of these motorcycles were made. The bike is turbocharged with a 1400cc engine. This bike costs $160,000.

#11 Macchia Nera Concept Bike

This bike was built around the Ducati 998 RS Engine, and wow what a beautiful bike this really is. This bike was built as an ultimate track bike. One of these bikes will cost you $200,000.

#10 Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition

Only 10 of these bikes are going to be made, and one of them could be yours for $2,750,000. This bike comes with a matching timepiece.

#9 Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

Wow, what a bike? Just look at this thing, it looks like something from the far future. This bike has a 10-cylinder engine that will reach speeds of up to 400 miles per hour. One of these could be yours for around half a million dollars.

#8 Yamaha Roadstar BMS Chopper

This bike is plated in gold, and will cost you half a million dollars. Hope you don’t live near any speed bumps, because they would really damage this bike.

#7 Suzuki AEM Hayabusa

This bike is highly known for only using carbon fiber for its design. That means the bike is extremely light. The bike can reach 186 miles per hour, and it could be yours for $160,000.

#6 MTT Turbine Streetfighter

This bike can reach speeds of up to 249 miles per hour. The bike also has 17-inch wheels. Could you image how much the wheels alone cost? The whole bike will cost you $175,000.

#5 Confederate B120 Wraith

Here is another bike that looks really futuristic. What makes this bike so expensive is the carbon frame, the homemade massive fork, and seven-spoke wheels. This bike will cost you $135,000.

#4 NCR Leggera 1200

At first look this bike almost looks like a dirt bike, but it is anything but that. This bike can reach speeds of 140 miles per hour, and it will cost you $145,000.


This bike was made in honor of Mike Hailwood. This bike was made to resemble the Ducati 900 NCR, which is the bike Mike rode to win the Isle of Man race. This bike will cost you $130,000.

#2 Vyrus 987 C3 4V

This sporty bike has a supercharged 1,200cc Ducati engine that produces around 211 horsepower. The bike only weighs 350 pounds, which makes it even that much faster. This bike will cost you $103,000.

#1 Feline One

This bike looks different than anything you have seen. Only 50 of these bikes are going to be made, and it is said that this bike is going to be one of the most expensive production bikes ever. This bike will cost you $280,000.


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