Top 20 Most Laughable E-Cigarette Terminologies

TonyTwoGuns April 27th 2015 Lifestyle
The world has gone crazy for the famous e-cigarettes, because it does not contain harmful ingredients. The users have even developed their very own e-cig glossary. Below you will discover a long list of e-cig terminology that is used by the vaping community.

#20 All Day Vape

Most vapers tend to utilize their e-cig all day long. It is up in air how much nicotine they take in, within a 24-hour period.

#19 Butt Juice

This is a commonly used phrase for e-liquids that knock you on your butt. If you take a pull of your vape and the experiment is horrid, then it is definitely a butt juice.

#18 Atomizer

The atomizer is the electronic cigarette that allows the user to enjoy their disgusting butt juice. There are so many different types that you could not count them on one hand.

#17 Blanks

Blanks are cartridges that contain dry filler content, which is filled to the brim with e-juice. This is placed inside of the atomizer, so the user can enjoy the vape.

#16 BT

This is an e-cig term that means big tobacco company. The BT is continuously trying to ruin the harmless reputation of the vape.

#15 Burner

Got to love this e-cig term because it is a step-up from the traditional tobacco cigarette term, which is difficult to pronounce. The burner contains harmful tar, but not the e-cig.

#14 Cig-A-Like

The Cig-A-Like is an e-cig that has the appearance of a traditional burner. This works great for those that do not want to reveal to others that they are utilizing a fake cig.

#13 Clouds

Clouds are the vapors that are exhaled by the vaper. The more dense the e-juices the thicker the clouds, which is exactly what most vapers are looking for.

#12 Custom Mod

Everyone likes to customize or personalize their atomizer. When this occurs it becomes a custom mod. This fabulous creation would make anyone want to join in on the vaping fun.

#11 Disposable E-Cigs

These are e-cigs that cannot be refilled. They will last the veteran vaper around two days, but the newbie may get around 4 days use from one disposable c-cig.

#10 Draw

A draw is when the vaper inhales the flavors in their mouth and down their lungs. You must be careful about taking a deep draw, because it could potentially cause you to pass out.

#9 Dripping

This is the term that is used when you are filling you e-cig up with e- liquid. This sounds like something a plumber would say.

#8 Flooding

Flooding occurs when too much e-liquid has entered the atomizer. This is a term you would use when your home fills with too much water.

#7 Goose Neck

A goose neck is a flexible extension for your PV. This term makes sense for the application, but it sure does sound funny.

#6 Juices

Juices is another word for e-liquids. This really sounds like something you would ask a 4 year old if he or she wanted.

#5 Knuckle Head

This is an adjustable drip tip that you can set at any angle you want. This is something you would call somebody, not something you would use on an e-cig.

#4 Pure Grain Alcohol (PGA)

This is the rating term used to describe the highest proof vodka you can get ahold of. Maybe the Pro Golfing Association should sue for copyrights.

#3 Throat Hit

This is the feeling that an e-cig smoker experiences when they take a hit off their e-cig. This sounds really bad, like something from an adult movie perhaps.

#2 Toot

Toot means that you just took a pull or draw from your electronic cigarette. This sounds like something a horn does.

#1 Noob

The term noob refers to someone who is new to smoking e-cigs. This sounds like a term that a gamer would use. This is a newbie vaper that has just joined the vaping community.


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