Top 20 Steroid Abusers of All Time

TonyTwoGuns April 27th 2015 Sports
Throughout the years, sports have been a vital aspect of society. Of course, professional athletes tend to push the rules a little too far from time to time. With this in mind, we’ve put together a collection of the 20 best steroid users of all time.

#20 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Old Arnold has actually admitted to his steroid abuse. Of course, he only used them, when they were legal! Yeah, I am sure everyone believes that.

#19 Floyd Landis

Steroids have run rampant in cycling. Floyd Landis is one of the cyclists, who have been busted for steroids. He was busted after his impressive performance of stage 17 of the Tour De France.

#18 Roger Clemens

Jose Canseco called out Clemens, when he released his book, Juiced. We’re a little surprised Clemens didn’t unleash his roid rage on Jose.

#17 Mark McGwire

Baseball fans were thrilled, when McGwire broken the home run record in 1998. Of course, his name was listed in Jose Canseco’s book and has forever destroyed Mark’s reputation.

#16 Rafael Palmeiro

Of course, here is another baseball player, who was announced in Jose Canseco’s book. He has also tested positive for a banned substance. Suffice to say, Jose might be a lot of things, but he isn’t a liar.

#15 Chris Benoit

Unfortunately, Benoit’s roids got the better of him in June of 2007. Everyone should remember what happened, when the Crippler unleashed his roid rage.

#14 Marion Jones

This is our first female on the list. Marion Jones actually admitted to steroids in October of 2007. She was successful during the 2000 Olympics, but she was likely juiced up then, as well.

#13 Ben Johnson

This Canadian Olympic sprinter won a bronze medal in 1984. He set a world record at the Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea in 1988. However, a drug test revealed steroids and he was disqualified 3 days after. His coach, Charlie Francis, has also gone on record to say that Johnson used drugs since 1981.

#12 Alex Rodriguez

Old Alex has been extremely successful in the MLB. Of course, he has also been a heavy steroid user. He tested positive in 2003 and eventually admitted to using steroids twice each month.

#11 Jose Canseco

Jose is likely the most famous, since he exposed numerous steroid users. After the release of his book, Juiced, he’s become a freak show and has appeared in numerous reality television shows.

#10 Barry Bonds

Barry was the home run king, but his record was stripped, after being indicted for perjury. Suffice to say, he lied about his steroid use and was a big cheat all along.

#9 Jason Giambi

Giambi is another member of the MLB, who admitted to steroid use in 2007. He insists he used drugs for several years.

#8 Sammy Sosa

Old Sammy has been doing more than steroids. He tested positive in 2003. Today, it is obvious that he is on more than just juice.

#7 Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett of MMA fan has been busted for steroids on several occasions. He was once let off with a warning, but did it again, and again, and again.

#6 Victor Belfort

Old religious Victor Belfort is notorious in the MMA community for steroid use. Deny it as he may, the man has failed more than once.

#5 Cristiane Santos

Steroid tests aren’t necessarily needed here. Just take a look and put two and two together. She is likely on manly hormones.

#4 Chael Sonnen

The old lying politician, Chael Sonnen, likes to talk a big game. However, he isn’t so good, when he isn’t on those handy steroids.

#3 Jeff Bagwell

Everyone should remember Jeff and his goofy batting stance. This 4x All-Star player is also a noted steroid pusher.

#2 Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan played for a large number of teams in the MLB including the Rangers, Marlins and Yankees. Of course, his best move was injecting those steroids, which helped him to get to 14 All-Star games!

#1 Lance Armstrong

Lance was the hero of his generation. Of course, he ruined it all, when he became the target of a steroid investigation. Now, he is hated and a major laughing stock.


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