Top 10 Reasons Why Floyd Mayweather is Better Than Manny Pacman Pacquiao

TonyTwoGuns March 10th 2015 Sports
Boxing fans have been clamoring for a showdown between undefeated Floyd Mayweather and exciting slugger Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao for years. Now that the fight has officially been announced, it is time to begin contemplating the future showdown. While many people think Pacman is going to chow down on his power pills and take out the much quicker Mayweather, a blind man could see the truth. Of course Mayweather is going to win! Want to find out how? The top 10 reasons can be found below!

#1 He's Faster!

Mayweather is faster in all areas of the game! His hands are faster and more importantly his feet are faster. This is going to be crucial, because he’s got lots of running to do! This will be Manny’s downfall. After a few rounds of a tireless marathon, which Manny isn’t used to, he’ll be worn down and ready to quit. Mayweather will make it to the finish line like Usain Bolt, while Manny will be left behind like a beaten, transop Bruce Jenner.

#2 He's Much Smarter

When it comes down to it, it is more than obvious that neither one of these fellas would win a spelling bee, if paired against a classroom of kindergarteners. After years of physical abuse, both men’s brains have been tortured and deteriorated terribly. Still, and while it isn’t saying much, Mayweather has taken far less brain abuse. Much of this has to do, with his sprinting abilities. Either way, Mayweather is smarter and he will win, but these two dopes aren’t going to win a spelling bee anytime soon.

#3 He's Way Richer

In the game of boxing, money will get you anything. Heck, it is much like this everywhere in life. Remember how OJ got out of that murder rap? Sure, you do. It’s because he had money. Boxing is no different. Mayweather has the money and the brains to book and promote the fight. Mayweather will pick the judges and the referee. He could virtually die in the ring and still win. Pacman has nothing on these good old American greedsters!

#4 He Lives in a Mansion

We’ve all watched the 24/7 countdowns and have seen the lavish dwelling of Floyd Mayweather and his fine ladies. We’ve all been impressed, by his awesome rides. What does Pacman have? He’s got a small hut with a dirt floor within the poor flood ravaged Philippines. As a member of the House of Representatives of the third world country, Manny has quite the powerhouse on his side, right? Wrong! The country couldn’t win a war, if they were facing off, with a small group of high school students, who were armed, with spears and machetes. Floyd is a well-known superstar! He even showed up on Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness, alongside the greats. You don’t get bigger than that.

#5 Mayweather Sr. vs. Freddy Roach

At this point in the game, it is easy enough to predict the fight, by comparing the fighter’s trainers and the success of their careers. Neither were overwhelming successful. In fact, Freddy Roach got beat to death so bad, he is still suffering the effects. Mayweather Sr. took his fair share of arse whoopings as well, but not nearly as bad. Roach’s problem? He’s an idiot! He runs in guns blazing until he gets tired, beaten and battered. This is obvious, by his repetitive jerks. Don’t be surprised, when Manny does the same.

#6 Justin Beiber

Mayweather has a weapon that no mortal man can overcome, JUSTIN BEIBER! Yes, you read that right. Justin Beiber is a gift from the Gods, who can part the waters and make teenage girls squirm in their panties. He will also play a major role in the fight! How? He’ll serenade Jinkee Pacquaio, which will ultimately distract and enrage Manny. From there, Mayweather will swoop him and kill him, with some powerful punches. Much like Adrian Broner, Mayweather will steal his fans and he still steal his girl.

#7 He's American!

As an American, you should already know that America is the best, strongest, wisest and obviously the most manipulating country in the world. These traits are always passed down onto the greatest American citizens, including Floyd “Money” Mayweather. What will the Philippines pass on down to Pacman? The Catholic religion, some extremely delicious chocolate and very corrupt politicians. This is definitely a bad combination, which will be sure to doom Manny to one or two things, a life behind bars or a future life, as a fat Catholic priest. Those little Philippian boys better watch themselves.

#8 Two Word - Domestic Abuse

Mayweather has been in much tougher fights than the one he will be in, when he faces off, with Manny. Mayweather has already challenged and beaten many of his girlfriends, which is definitely a challenge. On the other hand, Manny is obviously whooped, by his old lady, Jinkee. When she says to jump, Manny is off the ground quicker than Pacman on crack cocaine! Floyd puts his women in their place and Manny is put in his. The fight will go in a similar manner.

#9 The Marquez Factor

One can easily look at the past, in order to determine the future. It is easy enough to judge both men, by looking at their fights, with the respectable Juan Manual Marquez. We watched, as Mayweather danced around the ring, showed off and ultimately scored an easy unanimous decision. How did Manny fare? Not very good. He went 0-4, with three critical losses, by decision and one devastating knockout that should’ve put him in a retirement home! He got dropped, flopped to the ground and died for a few brief seconds. He has halfway to God, when Kenny Bayless resuscitated him back to life.

#10 Undefeated

For those that wish to argue the greatness of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, they should only look at the records. As long as you can understand basic math, you will be able to see that Mayweather is the better fighter. Listen stupid! You don’t need to perform any magical mathematic equation to figure it out. No. Simply look at the numbers and you will know that Mayweather is undefeated and remain undefeated. He needs that 0 and will do everything he can to keep it!


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