Top 20 Most Luxurious Bathrooms in the World

TonyTwoGuns April 27th 2015 Lifestyle
Many wealthy individuals love to accessorize their home to show the world that they own lots of riches. This definitely means their entire home, including the bathroom. Below you will discover 20 luxurious bathrooms like no other.

#20 Comfort At Its Best

This bathroom is definitely decorated for comfort. Most people would genuinely not think about adding living room furniture to their bathroom décor, but these rich people did.

#19 Bamboo And Peaceful

This bathroom décor will play on your imagination, because you will be soaking under the big blue sky. The bamboo and rocks are Mother’s Nature’s creations that someone has decided to incorporate into their bathroom décor.

#18 Bathing In Technology

Why not be allowed to play your favorite video games or watch television, while you are bathing? This luxurious bathroom is a definite work of art.

#17 Modernized Bathroom Beauty

Modern and unique is the name of this bathroom. The toilets are a work of art in themselves. Wouldn’t you just love to soak in that marvelous tub?

#16 Marvelous Bathroom Design

This is a bathroom to die for and most average homeowners cannot afford the small corner table. The wealthy homeowners love to show off their assets, even in their bathroom.

#15 Gold and Marble

Nothing says money like gold and marble. This bathroom surely has a rich décor that 6-8 individuals could enjoy at once very comfortably.

#14 Bathroom of the Future

When gold becomes more available to the common man, everyone will own a toilet constructed out of gold. Honestly, it is sort of ugly, but it is rich.

#13 Bathroom Vanity Glamour

This bathroom vanity is bigger than a dressing room vanity. It sure would be difficult to keep that mirror spotless, but of course, the wealthy homeowners have a housekeep that spit shines it daily.

#12 Bathroom Extravaganzas

Everyone must own a bathroom set like this, but no one could possibly afford them. Wonder if they accept layaway on these items? Hump!

#11 Fashionable and Unique Bathroom

This toilet and basin is sort of strange, but it sure shows richness in every sense. Wonder what type of bathroom décor would match this set?

#10 Comfortably Luxurious Bathroom

This quaint little bathroom design offers comfort and convenience, but it says richness. The toilet lid is so inviting that it makes one want to go in the bathroom just to read and enjoy their book.

#9 Bigger the Better Bathroom

This bathroom is bigger than the average bedroom, which is expected in a luxurious mansion. The view is to die for and you can use your imagination for the rest.

#8 Medieval Style Bathroom

This bathtub has a medieval appearance and feel. All it needs is a few slaves to fan you with their feathers.

#7 Lavish Styled Bathroom

This bathroom is by far better than going to the local spa or beach. You can enjoy the luxuriousness of the rich, while watching your lover bath.

#6 Imperialism at its Best

This bathroom is big, beautiful, and imperialistic, which could definitely pull you in and make you never want to leave. If the common man had a bathroom like this, he would eat, sleep, and fantasize the day away, while soaking in the tub.

#5 Fiery Escape

The fire and bathtub design is a classical masterpiece. You would never have to be concerned about your feet getting cold, while you are bathing.

#4 Designed for Multiple Bathers

Ten individuals could easily fit into this luxurious bathtub. You can also utilize the shower sprayer, while you are sitting in the tub. Oh, what luxury!

#3 Magic Bathroom

No, it is not your imagination playing tricks on you, because this bathroom is real. While most people could not imagine such a creation, the wealthy know how to enjoy their riches.

#2 Affluent Affects

This shower probably has a high powered sprayer like no other. Strange how the commode and sink is in the same position or is that a bum washing commode?

#1 Jacuzzi Bathtub

Everyone needs a bathroom like this, because it has so much to offer the human body. This would be the perfect setting for someone after a hard day’s work.


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