15 Ways to Get Involved in College

Abigail Bouwma April 25th 2015 Lifestyle
College is a time to get involved. Make yourself a part of the college experience. Here are 15 ways to get involved on campus.

1. Join a Major Club

Whatever your major is, there's probably a club for it. Whether it be engineering or education, there is definitely a club for you.

2. Join a Social Fraternity or Sorority

Social fraternities or sororities are created for socialization and philanthropy, and allow a great opportunity to make friends and get involved.

3. Get Involved with Your College Newspaper

Whether it be writing or editing, or even taking photos, getting involved with the newspaper is a great way to get out there.

4. Go to University Events

Every college has a university programming council that throws on campus events perfect for meeting people!

5. Get Involved With College TV

Most colleges have television stations where you can try your hand at almost any part of television broadcasting and meet new friends.

6. Join a Service Fraternity

If you're into volunteering, joining a service fraternity is a really good way to meet people with the same values as you.

7. Participate in Your Radio Station

Every college has a radio station and getting involved means you get to bring your music to the masses.

8. Get an On Campus Job

You'll meet a lot of people by getting an on campus job and it's a great way to branch out.

9. Join an Intramural Team

Joining an intramural team is a great way to meet friends who like sports and get out of the dorm room.

10. Leave Your Door Open

If you leave your door open, you'll be more likely to meet awesome people and get involved.

11. Ask an RA

Asking an RA about opportunities on campus is the perfect way to get information on opportunities.

12. Branch Out

Try something you didn't do in high school. You might find you've found your calling.

13. Go to Free Events

Concerts, shows, and other events are often free to students and a great way to meet people on campus.

14. Join Student Government

If you want to make a difference on campus, join student government and meet other people as passionate as you!

15. Become a Tutor or TA

Becoming a tutor or TA will increase your chances of meeting some awesome people while doing productive work.


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