15 Makeup Tips for Girls With Glasses

Abigail Bouwma April 24th 2015 Lifestyle
Girls with glasses often have a hard time finding makeup looks that work for them, so here are 15 tips to solving some of the woes you might have. Make sure you see #15 - that one is the most important!

1. Stay Neutral

Neutral makeup in the eyes is the best way to bring out the beauty of your own eyes and enhance them behind glasses.

2. Do Bold Lips

Neutral eyes contrast well with a bold red lip or other bright color to bring the attention away from your eyes.

3. Use Mascara

Mascara opens up your eyes and brings them out behind your glasses.

4. Use Gel Liner

Gel liner is the easiest to apply and looks the best behind glasses.

5. Use Blush

Blushing up your cheeks allows for attention to come away from your eyes.

6. Use Shimmer on Lower Lids

This lifts up the eyes and draws attention away from your glasses.

7. Double the Liner on a Smoky Eye

If you're doing a smoky eye, double up on the liner so it shines through behind your glasses.

8. Smudge Your Liner

Too severe of a liner look will look bad behind your glasses, Smudge your liner to soften it but still draw attention to your eyes.

9. Define Your Brows

Defining your brows is so important when you wear glasses because otherwise the glasses will swallow up your whole eye region.

10. Line Your Eyes All Around

Lining all around will make your eyes appear bigger and will emphasize your beautiful eyes.

11. Use Light Eyeliner

If your eyes appear too big behind your glasses, use a lighter liner and don't line all the way around.

12. Use a Cat Eye Technique

Use a cat eye technique to brighten up your eyes when using neutral makeup.

13. Use Highlighter on Your Eyes

Brighten your under-eye area for the best look that makes the best of your glasses and eye situation.

14. Keep a Good Complexion

Keeping a good complexion will make applying eye make up precisely so much easier.

15. Highlight Your Cheekbones

Highlighting your cheekbones will help draw light upwards and illuminate your best assets.


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