20 Awesome Random Things you can Find at Thrift Stores

T.F. Lyle April 24th 2015 Lifestyle
A place that's like heaven for all the misfit items, the random clothing sets, the unwanted furniture pieces... thrift stores never cease to amaze me. Everything being cheap has a lot to do with that amazement, the other part of amazement comes from all the fun you can have when you get to find all these cool items.

20. Cat Vest

Love the variety of cats displayed on this masterpiece vest. It's especially stylish on a bare chested man.

19. Creepy Painting

Nice mountains, I especially love the little pine tre....and oh my freakin gosh and for the love of Mary what the actual heck it that thing?! Giant wookie? Dog gone wild? A portrait of your mother before her morning coffee?

18. Metal Monkey Statue

Hey, who wouldn't want a monkey eh? I bet it would look especially nice if you placed this little guy at the front entrance of your home. You're neighbors will love it, trust me.

17. A Variety of Sweaters

You see, even cool people shop at thrift stores. I think the above group even sang a song about the beauty of shopping at these places. With so many colors and designs available sweater wise, you can really boost your wardrobe stamina.

16. Doll Shoes

Hey, give it some credit. They're unique, something you sure as heck would never find at Wal-Mart, and probably really cheap.

15. Skull Purse

This purse comes along with a guarantee that if you carry this around at all times, you will never be confronted by a purse thief.

14. Coffee Mug

This would make all morning coffee times epic...truly.

13. A Sombrero

These hats help you find your inner mexican and will give you cravings for a taco.

12. Classic Board Games

Dumb chain stores hardly ever sell these classics. If you're lucky, you can find lots of original board games from forty years ago at thrift stores.

11. Coolio Lamps

Very cultural and intricately designed. I'd love to put this in my living room.

10. Romance Novels

Hahahaahahaha....whew( wipes away a tear) Treat Me Right...more like yeah right. What a cheesy title and cover....oh wait, these are legit novels. Huh, well if you like these kind of stories, thrift stores are chock full of these humorous...I mean, romantic novels...(starts laughing again).

9. Bra and Undies

Have they been used you ask....(dramatic pause). You probably don't want to know, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

8. Blankets

Lots to choose from design wise. In all seriousness, thrift store blankets really are cool...or should I say warm? Hehe.

7. Jewelry

Your finds will vary, but always be on the lookout for nice jewelry at thrift stores; there are real treasures out there that people just don't want anymore so take advantage...it's better than buying full priced jewelry!

6. Spice Rack

I think this is a spice rack, or at least it used to be. Really fancy pancy though for a place to keep seasonings, but some people like to decorate mmkay?

5. Tea Kettle

Maybe it's a tea kettle, maybe it's Aladdin's Jeannie lamp. Guess It'll have two uses then...I'll take it.

4. Antique Dresser

Looks like it might actually worth something...

3. Justin Beiber Toilet Seat

What better way to take a dump eh? And I love the color.

2. Old Fashioned Camera

I always thought these cameras were more technologically advanced than modern day ones since they can shoot out your picture right after you take it...no extra charges included.

1. Grandpa Glasses

Face it, old is the new new.


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