20 Tinder Moments That Define This Generation

Papa D April 24th 2015 Humor
Times are a changing. Why go out and interact socially when you could just look at your phone and with a simple touch say hi to someone you would like to get to know? Tinder single handily redefined the online dating world and luckily provided us with some of the greatest moments in “dating”.

1. A Caring Young Man

This guy is obviously a professional relationship expert. I mean how could say no to this 100% genuine photo?

2. The Chick Magnet

Those hobbies are perfect and apparently so is this Asian for “any occasion”.

3. Duck Taco Man

A lot going on here. But that’s what girls love right? Complication?

4. Sydney the Fergie Fan

Finally, someone that is brave enough to say what we all really want from a relationship.

5. Majestic Glen

This one is great because he doesn’t waste time telling you about himself. He shows what he can offer while giving life advice.

6. One and Only Left Shark

Hard to think that this guy has any trouble finding women. I mean he was the highlight of the entire Super Bowl.

7. Tragic Vincent

One has to wonder just what happened to Vincent before he took this picture. I guess girls would want to fix his broken spirit.

8. Sig the Ostrich

Ostriches need love too. Nuff’ Said.

9. Reginald

I heard that Reginald is an animal under the sheets. Just think of the hickey scars.

10. Please No Fish

Hey, you gotta let girls know right at the start what you’re not into. Guess there aren’t a lot of fish in the sea for this guy.

11. Asking The Right Question

As knowledgeable of a question as this is I gotta wonder would she not be able to go as fast as a car when driving it. This guy seems to think so.

12. This Guy Choosing His Priorities

Oh I’m fighting off cats? Better message this girl on Tinder during.

13. Scientist Maybe

I think the only reason she didn’t respond was because she trying out the plan and fatally failed. Now we will never know.

14. Tinder Taxi

This guy came up with an awesome concept of taxis coming right to pick you up after failing to get a number. Man that would’ve been helpful in my past…

15. A Man Can Dream

The true mystery here is if this guy needs to be resurrected does that mean he is already dead? Makes you think.

16. This Guy Gets to the Point

No means no and this guy should be admired for acknowledging that.

17. Jeanette Has a Decision to Make

Most people would be upset that their partner called out someone else’s name in bed. Guess winter won’t be coming tonight.

18. Being Honest

If you look at the statistics this is how most marriages would go so technically he is playing this smart.

19. Emojis Always Work

This man told a story in pictures, maybe not a good one but still unique.

20. Romantic Pun

If all else fails then just make a pun about famous retired rappers. Works 5% of the time.


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