20 Reasons Why you Should Travel to Disneyland for a Vacation

T.F. Lyle April 24th 2015 Lifestyle
Silver Dollar City, Six Flags, Worlds of Fun...there are some awesome theme parks out there to visit, but Disneyland has it's own little way of making itself memorable. Founded by none other than our precious Walt Disney, the Disneyland in Anaheim, California is something unique for guests to experience and to never forget. Here are 20 reasons - #1 should convince you all in its own!

20. Disney Characters are Everywhere

Hey, who doesn't want to see a life-sized Kronk, the original Micky Mouse gang, or the well known princes and princesses?

19. Great Food

Edelweiss Snacks, Bengal Barbeque, Blue Bayo...Disneyland offers anything and everything in between for guests who come to the park with different tastes for food. Well played Disney, well played.

18. A Wide Variety of Rides

The Mad Tea Party, Peter Pan's Flight, Space Mountain are only some of the many rides Disneyland offers and each one has its own special feel or theme to it.

17. Awesome Props

Every prop, every design, every attraction includes so much detail and intricate design it's hard not to appreciate the amazingness and teamwork it took to create this magical world.

16. The Music

With speakers placed almost everywhere you turn, the music playing overhead will change to match the theme of the park area. For example, when walking through Frontierland you'll probably hear Ozarkie, banjo music.

15. History of the Park

The park in Anaheim, California is the only Disneyland park that was built/created under the direct guidance of Walt Disney himself... which pretty much makes it all the more special and magical.

14. The Hidden Easter Eggs

There are edible plants in the Tomorrowland section, a hidden suite in Cinderella's castle, a pet cemetery by the Haunted Mansion, and thousands of Mickey Mouse ear shapes scattered over this park. This hidden Mickey Mouse is from the Indiana Jones ride!

13. Cool Shops

Magic shops, candy shops, toy shops, hat shops...there seems to be no limit as to what Disneyland can conjure or provide for their guests when it comes to shopping.

12. Picture Perfect Areas

Everywhere you turn there's a lovely shrubbery, a cute mainstreet shop, a character from a Disney movie. You can even take pictures of the bathrooms cause they're so nice.

11. The Haunted Mansion Might Actually Be Haunted

Certain guests used to dump the ashes/remains of their dead relatives throughout the Haunted Mansion ride before workers found out about it and had to stop people from doing so. Freakin crepsters, now there are actual ghosts on this ride...actually kind of cool when you think about it.

10. The Lights at Night

String lights in the trees, soft, glowy lights shining on the Cinderella's castle, street lamps scattered abroad...it's like Christmas every night.

9. There are Trash Cans Everywhere

Apparently, guests will never be 30 steps away from a trash can...I guess that could come in handy for certain situations... say you eat some chili cheese fries before going on the Mad Tea Party ride(lots of spinning) and need somewhere to dispose your lunch...not like I speak from experience or anything.

8. There's Plenty to See

Disneyland Park takes up approximately 160 acres....just let that sink in for a moment.

7. The Indiana Jones Office

While waiting in line for the awesome Indiana Jones ride, guests will see the set-up of Indiana's office that contains actual props from the Indiana Jones' movies. Cool eh?

6. The Names of the Parking Lots

The parking lots at Magic Kingdom were originally named after the seven dwarfs from Snow White but have since changed to the names of well known Disney villains and heroes.

5. You Get Good Exercise

Seriously, there's so much to see so little time that you'll be booking it everywhere you go....or,maybe, you like to take it slow and easy. Either way, it's offers a good exercise program between standing in line and walking to the bathrooms every few hours.

4. Variety of People

Disneyland is a worldwide attraction. People all around the United States and around the world visit so there's quite the variety of people to meet/see.

3. The Sun Will Never Set

Shut the front door... that's impossible!! Actually, now that there are Disneyland parks located in Europe, Asia, and North America, the sun really never does set ... figuratively speaking of course.

2. Good Memories

There's some serious, awesome sauce factors to Disneyland in which, kid or not, the memories, the smells, the people can never be forgotten.

1. Dreams Will Come True

I heard that when guests throw coins into the water that's in-front of the It's a Small World Ride, the wishes of ill children across America will come true as the money is donated to them.


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