20 People Who Failed to Ride Out Deadly Storms

TonyTwoGuns April 23rd 2015 Humor
Throughout the history of time there have been many devastating storms that have completely destroyed people’s lives, and they have even taken lives away from many. With all the technology out there in the world the weathermen and women have gotten pretty good at predicting these storms and issuing warnings. With that being said there are still many people that like to stay behind, as if they can do something to salvage their belongings. What are these people thinking?

#20 I Can Drive Through This

In Southern California, there was a huge flash flood, which left many people stuck and surrounded. For some reason this guy thought that he could drive through this disaster.

#19 It Won’t Be That Bad

Storm Fung-Wong killed at least 5 people in the Philippines, and forced more than 200,000 into temporary shelters, but for some reason these people thought they were immune to this disaster.

#18 As Long As I Can Smoke I Will Be Okay

Hurricane Katrina was a massive storm that wrecked lots of people’s lives. Lille Williams though that she could ride out the storm, however, as you can see this was not the case.

#17 The Weathermen Don’t Know What They Are Talking About

England’s east cost got his with the worst tidal waves that they had seen in 60 plus years. The Environment Agency issued 120 flood warnings, but that didn’t mean that some people still didn’t listen.

#16 Guangdong

Massive downpours hit Southern China and left a mess. The floods destroyed 1,143 houses and some national highways. These people thought they wouldn’t be affected by the storm.

#15 Hiding Out

If you are going to stay during a massive storm, it is always a good idea to find the proper hiding place. After a tornado hit Rochelle, Illinois 12 people were rescued from a storm cellar in a restaurant.

#14 It’s Not That Deep

Back in 2014, Los Angeles was suffering from a drought, but when the rain came, it really came. The days long storm stranded more than 3-dozen people in their vehicles. This guy thought he could past the devastation.

#13 The Monsoon

This Indians thought they could ride out the monsoon, but they only found themselves wading through a cesspool. Maybe next time, they will pack up their belongings and run from this devastating disaster.

#12 Typhoon

As another typhoon hit the capital of Philippines, it was followed by heavy rain. The government shut down financial markets and government agencies, but look at all these people who thought they would be unaffected.

#11 Hurricane Katrina Survivor

This Hurricane Katrina victim looks like he was holding on for dear life. It is a true miracle that he survived this disaster.

#10 Cost Guard Rescue

These individuals chose to ride out the storm for one reason or another, but they risked their life to do so. Just think about how much money it costs to rescue these knuckleheads from a fate that was not going to be positive.

#9 Flooded Causeway

A 54-year-old man had to be rescued from the rooftop of his car after he thought he could drive through a flooded causeway. This even took place in southeast Queensland.

#8 Crazy Flood Lady

This idiot not only chose to stay in her hometown during a flood, but she also tried to challenge the floodwaters. This is definitely the largest act of bravery that anyone will ever witness.

#7 Slidell Police To The Rescue

This is one brave handicap lady. Too bad she is now stuck in her home, with only one Slidell police officer willing to risk his life to save her.

#6 Good Samaritans

These good Samaritans raced to save two women pinned in this debris. This event happened in downtown Time Square.

#5 New Orleans Devastation

Hopefully this dude will survive being pulled out of his home by the rescue workers. He must have nine lives, because he survived Hurricane Katrina.

#4 Victoria Street Dumbo

From Victoria Street, this survivor of a flash flood was capable of making a mobile phone call to 911. He looks like he is happy with his situation, which may be better than becoming freaked out and trying to swim his way back.

#3 Buffalo, New York 7” Of Snow

Now how far do you honestly think this fellow will get even after the nice rescuers were willing to risk their backs to push him out of a clump of ice? Obviously not very far.

#2 Romanian Disaster

Snow can be a beautiful thing, but sometimes it goes a little overboard. Check out how much snow fell in just 24 hours. This whole house is covered in snow.

#1 Stuck In A Snow Rut

Can you honestly believe that the city approved the public transportation facility to run, during this treacherous weather? Well, someone had to approve it and it must have been Governor Chris Christie.


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