15 Money Saving Tips to Keep Your Wallet Fat and Expenses Skinny

Abigail Bouwma April 23rd 2015 Lifestyle
As the cost of living keeps going up, we all need some tips on saving money. Here are some of the best ones I've come across to help you keep your wallet fat and your expenses skinny. #15 is the most important!

1. Put Aside Loose Change

If you put your loose change in a jar every time you come home, you'll slowly accumulate a lot of money you might not have saved otherwise!

2. Never Purchase Expensive Items on Impulse

Allow a 24-hour consideration period for your impulse control center to cool off and your logic to kick in. If it's still something you feel you can afford and need, then go ahead and buy it.

3. Shop Online

...and in bulk. Online shops often offer discounts that buying in store can't offer, and you can often get free shipping on large purchases.

4. Grocery Shop with a List

People who have a list and stick to it often save hundreds of dollars more than those who decide what to buy when they get to the market.

5. Keep Your Car Maintained

If you keep your car maintenance up, you can save up to $100 a year on gas costs and other maintenance needs.

6. Use Public Transport

You can save hundreds of dollars a year by using public transportation instead of driving everywhere or taking a cab.

7. Rent An Appropriate Amount of Space

Many apartments and houses are way bigger than anyone needs. If you go for a smaller, cheaper apartment, you can save a ton on rent!

8. Shop at Outlets

Shopping the deals can save you on clothes, housewares, furniture, and many other things that you can't necessarily save on in normal stores.

9. Assess Clothing for Quality

Buying cheap isn't worth it if your clothing wears out in a year. If buying an expensive coat means you'll have it for a while, it's definitely a worthwhile investment

10. Shop at Thrift Stores

Purchasing clothing at thrift stores will save you tons of money and you'll have that vintage chic look that's all the rage.

11. Look for Free Entertainment

Free museum days, festivals, and other entertainment options will save you money and expose you to the brilliance of the place you live.

12. Give Up Premium Cable

Giving up cable and going for Hulu Plus, Netflix, or Amazon prime will give you access to all your favorite shoes for a much lower cost.

13. Borrow Books

Using a library can save you hundreds on books you buy, read once, and leave to collect dust on a shelf.

14. Clean Clothes Yourself

If you send them out to a cleaning service, you're spending more money than you need to, especially if washing and drying machines are available in your building.

15. Set Small Saving Goals

Set small goals and work up, and eventually you'll be saving more than you spend!


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