We Found Jesus! 20 Photos of Hilarious Jesus Sightings

TonyTwoGuns April 23rd 2015 Humor
Religion can be a very peculiar and funny thing. There are many different variations of religion throughout the world, and followers of these religions take their beliefs very serious. There have even been wars declared over religion. Perhaps one of the most well known religions is Christianity. Christianity is the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. So, you can imagine that Jesus is a very revered character, and many people claim to have spotted him in person. See what you think.

#20 Let Her Rip Tater Chip

Rosalie Lawson found this bizarre of image of the Jesus Christ figure in her sour cream and onion potato chip. Wonder how many bags of these chips sold after this?

#19 Cheesy Goodness

Not only is Cheetos known for being deliciously good, but they are also known to have hidden prizes inside. Dan and Sarah Bell are the lucky winners of this prize.

#18 This Seems Fishy

Fish is kind of smelly, but it sure does taste good. Fred Whan found this image of the revered figure in his fish stick, but it didn’t actually appear until he cooked it.

#17 Most Important Meal Of The Day

This brings a whole new meaning to the importance of breakfast. 80-year-old Ernesto Garza found this image in his breakfast taco.

#16 Flat As A Pancake

This one is kind of hard to find, make sure you look close. Marilyn Smith found this in her pancake.

#15 Banana Split

Not only are bananas high in nutrition, but they are also holy. Lisa Swinton found this in her snack.

#14 Orange You Glad You Found This

Paul Kulniszewsk found this after slicing an orange in half. Paul has a bizarre last name, but he also was lucky enough to find this bizarre image.

#13 Indian Restaurant

The lord does work in mysterious ways, because it is kind of mysterious why he would pop up in an Indian restaurant. David Howlett found this image while he was dining with his wife.

#12 Selling The Works Of Christ?

Donna Lee found this image in her pierogi. What did she do with this? She sold it on eBay for $1775.00.

#11 Three Cheese Pizzas

Jesus can walk on water, so it makes sense that he would take a trip to Australia. This image was found at Posh Pizza’s in Brisbane, Australia.

#10 There Is Something Salty About This

This one is really hard to see, but it is supposed to be an image of the Virgin Mary holding Christ as a baby. Crysta Naylor discovered this.

#9 Pita Bread

Christ is just popping up everywhere. A New Zealander found this image in his toasted pita bread.

#8 Another Chip

It seems that the lord likes chips, as he seems to be appearing in a lot of them. Macayla Graham found this in her banana chip. Who eats banana chips?

#7 How Sweet?

Linda Lowe’s boyfriend made her a grilled cheese sandwich, and this image popped up. Not really seeing this one, but it is the thought that counts.

#6 This Is Just Weird

A reddit user by the screen name of Feature_Creature posted this strange picture. What was this guy doing checking out his dog's butt?

#5 Jesus Is With You

The Lord was really with this person. A woman in Pennsylvania noticed Jesus in this MRI photo.

#4 What A Load Of Crap?

In 2013, Jim Lawry spotted this image on his car. This bird not only left a load on this guy’s car, but he also left him with a message.

#3 Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is a glorious sight. Jesus thought so too, as he was spotted checking it out. Jon Hilmarsson of Akranes, Iceland was lucky enough to capture this image.

#2 Washed Up

Every one enjoys a little fun in the sun at the beach, but what does it mean when a dead stingray washes up with the image of Christ on it? Erika Scheldt was the one to discover this.

#1 An Apple A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away

This apple was about to be turned into applesauce until this image was discovered. Jennifer was the one who found this miraculous image.


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