Top 15 Weirdest College Mascots

Kevin C. Sullivan April 23rd 2015 Sports
It's college tradition! Sitting in the stands, drink in hand, watching your school's team face of against its bitter rival. The band is playing and the crowd is roaring. When, suddenly, racing across the field is your school's mascot! It's colorful! It's majestic! It's... a slug. Here's an education on 15 of the weirdest official and unofficial college mascots around.

1. UC Santa Cruz - Sammy the Slug

You might not think this college mascot is that scary but have you considered just how gross banana slugs are?

2. Delta State University - The Fighting Okra

If you're going to have a food as your college mascot, you may as well go the route that this Cleveland, MS college did and name it after something interesting.

3. Stanford University - The Tree

The actual team name for this Ivy League school is the Cardinals, but their mascot is... a tree. Because Cardinals need somewhere to live, maybe?

4. Dartmouth College - Keggy the Keg

While not an official mascot, Dartmouth has been without a mascot since 1971 (it was formerly an Indian). Keggy was invented as a replacement by a campus humor magazine and has been accepted by the student body ever since.

5. St. Louis College of Pharmacy - The Eutectic

"Eutectic" is actually the term for combining two solids into a liquid. But a more important question you need to be asking is "why does a pharmacy school have an athletic program?"

6. Western Kentucky - Big Red

It's like McDonald's Grimace if he got really embarrassed.

7. St. Louis University - Billiken

Um... yeah. What is that? A bat? A demon? Dick Cheney? We honestly have no idea. What the hell is it with colleges in St. Louis and their mascots, anyway?

8. Ohio State University - Brutus the Buckeye

A buckeye is a type of nut common to trees in Ohio - thus the Buckeye state - as well as a delicious confectionery. Having either of those anthropomorphised into... this... well, that's just weird.

9. University of Arkansas - The Boll Wevil

If you don't want your opponents to claim they're going to squash your college team "like a bug", maybe you shouldn't name your team after one.

10. North Carolina School of the Arts - The Fighting Pickles

This won't be the last college mascot you see on this list that looks like a wang.

11. Campbell University - Gaylord the Camel

I wonder if he just goes by "Greg"?

12. Trinity College - The Trolls

If you're looking for a career in hiding under bridges or insulting people on Internet forums, the is the college for you.

13. Southern Arkansas - Muleriders

We've never been on a mule so as far as we know, this could very well be a difficult animal to ride. But, that doesn't mean we're impressed, either.

14. Scottsdale Community College - Fighting Artichokes

Seriously, what is it with colleges and violent food?

15. Rhode Island School of Design - Scrotie

The school's team is called the RISD Balls, with the slogan "When the heat is on, the Balls stick together". We're pretty sure we're about to apply here as soon as we can.


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