20 Goofy Types of Exercise Equipment That Do Not Work

TonyTwoGuns April 22nd 2015 Lifestyle
Many individuals that are into daily exercise routines have most likely tried every type of exercise equipment, under the sun. Below you will discover some extraordinary machines that are ridiculous and cause more grief and pain than benefits.

#20 Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power

This exercise equipment is definitely a piece of art. How in the heck would this thing be beneficial to working out and losing weight?

#19 Free-Flexor Exercise Equipment

This hunk of junk might make you hate working out for the rest of your life. It surely could not aid in building the biceps like it promises.

#18 Face Trainer

One can only guess what this contraption could be used for. It may actually help improve that double chin that plagues millions of individuals. Try it to find out, today. Not!

#17 Hawaii Chair

Wouldn’t you love to have one of these babies sitting at your work desk? If you are lucky enough to possess a creative imagination, you may be able to design your very own workout routine, with this chair.

#16 Vibraslim

Ha! Now here is a unique exercise machine that may just be the lower than the low. Just stand there and let the vibration jiggle your fat away.

#15 The Shake Weight

This may be a turn on for most men, but it will truly not help you achieve sexy abs and strong bicep muscles. It may give you a back ache instead.

#14 Toning Shoes

Toning shoes may be the trendy shoe of the year, but they are worthless. Skechers was sued for over $40 million dollars, because their shoes turned out to cause grief, without results.

#13 AB Belts

Yes! You have most likely heard of the ab belt. The manufacturers promised the consumers that they would get a six-pack, within a very short period of time.

#12 Pole Dancing

The pole belongs in a strip bar, not your home. It definitely will not help you lose weight, unless you are lucky enough to master the pole dancing skills.

#11 Thighmaster

The thighmaster turned out to be junk. It is truly impossible to squeeze your legs together, with enough forced to work the Thighmaster properly.

#10 AB Rocker

This exercise equipment may prevent your butt bone from hitting the floor continuously, but it couldn’t help a monkey get stronger.

#9 AbEx Abdominal Exerciser

If you are one hundred pounds overweight, do you honestly think that you can achieve the perfect stance to get a good AB workout with this machine? Of course, not because once you got down, you would not be able to get back up.

#8 Jacobs Ladder

This machine definitely looks like it could potentially help you build your arm and leg muscles. In order for it to be beneficial, you would have to be strong enough to propel the ladder, which is nearly impossible.

#7 AB Roller Wheel

The AB Roller was supposed to help heavyweight individuals lose weight and gain muscles. Everyone had high hopes for it, but once you rolled the wheel into position, you could not pull it back up to the starting position, instead you feel face first on the floor.

#6 AB Circle Pro

This AB machine was so difficult to use, because of the position that is required to make it twist back and forth. The arm bars were way too far in front of you, which caused severe back pain.

#5 AB Lounge 2

This is the perfect seat for sleep, not exercising. If you have plans to go fishing, be sure to pick up the AB Lounge, because it will provide comfort, while you are trying to snatch up a bass.

#4 AB-Doer Twist

This apparatus would twist your back into positions that you thought were not possible. A chiropractor will be in the works, after you have completed a fifteen minute workout, with this machine.

#3 Apex Roman/Hyper Extension Bench

This machine should be called “a head rush” instead of its original name. If you want to obtain high blood pressure and vomit, this machine is what you are searching for.

#2 Body Power AB and Back Machine

Everyone needs one of these contraptions, because they could potentially be used to get rid of the mother-n-law. Throw her in it and start flipping her back and forth. She will never return to your house, after the beating you put on her.

#1 AB Scissor

This is designed by none other than Jake and everyone knows that he is the best, but not his exercise apparatus. It was one of the worst exercise home machines ever created.


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