20 High Paying Jobs For People Who Don't Like Stress

Cheryl Brite April 22nd 2015 Lifestyle
Stress is a part of your life when it comes to your job, and you can’t handle it anymore. There are jobs out there that pay well where stress is not a factor. Everyone dreams about having a stress free job. Now all you have to do is find the career or job that matches who you are and stress will be nothing but a memory. We also took the time to list the average salary for each job. Be sure to check out #3 - great salary and it looks very stress free!

#20. Food Scientists

Food and science are a big part of your life now. You’re involved in making sure that the food being sent out to the public is safe for consumption. You also ensure that agricultural establishments are doing their job when it comes to this process. Safety is a priority in your line of work, and your salary is an added bonus. Estimated Yearly Salary: $65,000

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