Top 20 Jobs For People Who Like To Travel

Cheryl Brite April 21st 2015 Lifestyle
If you don’t wish to stay in one place for your job, then maybe it’s time to find another job or career that you will be satisfied with in the long run. You love to travel, and you’re looking for a job that will make you happy. Just thinking about a new career move is an exciting feeling for you. There are some great jobs in beautiful places out there for you to discover.

#20. Cruise Line Worker

Sailing the seas is the life. Working on a cruise ship surrounded by excited vacationers is even better. You never know where you’ll be sailing to next, and that’s what’s most exciting about this job. You work hard, make a good living, and enjoy traveling along the way. Estimated Yearly Salary: $3,000

#19. Peace Corps Volunteer

Nothing feels better than giving back to the world you live in. You travel to where you’re needed to make a difference. You may not be making six figures, but you’re helping people in need. Not to mention it looks good on your resume when you’re ready to pursue a career. Estimated Yearly Salary: $5,000

#18. Au Pair

You love children and want to pursue this as a job. As an Au Pair you live with the family in a different country and take care of the children through babysitting and assisting with schoolwork. You’re supplied with room and board and can immerse yourself in the culture. You become a part of a new family and make a connection that will last soon after you leave. Estimated Yearly Salary: $18,000

#17. Travel Tour Guide

You spend your days showing people around amazing places and landmarks that show the history of the culture. Destinations always need happy, bubbly, tour guides to make the tour exciting and memorable to tourists. Make sure you brush up on your history and languages. You want to dazzle those tourists with your abundant knowledge. Estimated Yearly Salary: $24,000

#16. International Aid Worker

Travel and helping people are your passions in life. Being an international aid worker allows you to do both. You travel to parts of the world where you can help people recover from life threatening situations. With this job you need to have some experience in health, agriculture, education, and social work. Estimated Yearly Salary: $30,000

#15. Athletic Recruiter

Colleges and professional sports organizations employ you. Your job is to recruit some of the best athletes in the world. You travel from state to state to find the next success story. You’re responsible for changing a person’s life in a really good way. Estimated Yearly Salary: $35,000

#14. Travel Agent

It may be an archaic profession to some but for people who love to travel, this job is a perfect match. You help people with their travel plans. To get experience you travel to certain places to give your clients a realistic view of where they will be traveling. Business and leisure clients will thank you for your insight. Estimated Yearly Salary: $36,000

#13. Event Coordinator

Large-scale events are your forte. Festivals and trade shows are events you coordinate. You meet vendors to get what you need and travel to the spot where the event is held to make sure everything is running smoothly. You make the event what it is, and your clients appreciate all the work you’ve put in to planning their events. Estimated Yearly Salary: $38,000

#12. Archaeologist

Who knows what you’ll discover in the earth as you dig up artifacts from past cultures. Traveling the world is just an added bonus to your job. You can preserve a part of history that no one else has discovered. A lot of travel is required and you have no problem with that. Estimated Yearly Salary: $47,000

#11. Truck Driver

You get to drive an awesome truck. What could be better than that? The open road is your job. You travel from one place to another delivering whatever is required of you by your employer. Of course you need to obtain a commercial driver’s license but once you have that, nothing is going to stop you from hitting the open road. Estimated Yearly Salary: $48,000

#10. English Teacher

Nothing is more satisfying than molding young minds with your knowledge of the English language. You can even travel to foreign lands teach those who want to learn English. You have to make sure you’re certified before you step foot into a foreign country. Traveling is what you love, and teaching is a passion of yours. All your dreams are coming true. Estimated Yearly Salary: $49,000

#9. Executive Assistant

It’s not the most exciting job serving your boss, but there is a plus side to having this job. You get to travel along side your boss and see new places. What could be better than that? Once you’re out of client meetings, the world is yours to explore. Estimated Yearly Salary: $50,000

#8. Retail Buyer

Shopping has always been your first love accept for traveling of course. As a retail buyer you monitor in store inventory as well as attend vendor meetings, trade shows, and conferences across the world. What an exciting life you led? You influence the world of retail. Estimated Yearly Salary: $50,000

#7. Auditor

No one likes auditors, but you love it because you like to travel. Sure you may never travel to the most exotic places but you do have the time to explore your surroundings. Your job is not the most pleasant when you have to deal with difficult clients, but you can let your stress go as you explore different places. It may be weeks or more depending on where you’re going, but you never have to sit behind a desk. Estimated Yearly Salary: $52,000

#6. Civil Servant

America and travel are what you love. Being a civil servant brings these two worlds together. There are plenty of job opportunities in this field and over 250 embassies, so you have the chance to travel and impact America all at the same time. You can't beat that! Estimated Yearly Salary: $52,000

#5. Field Service Engineer

You provide customer service to those in need of installation and repair of a product. Travel is a part of your profession, and you help people. Worldwide travel can be required based on your employment with worldwide clients. It may not be the most glamorous job, but the traveling makes up for most of it. Estimated Yearly Salary: $62,000

#4. Flight Attendant

The plane is your office, and the sky is your way to travel. Customer service is what you provide as well as demonstrating health procedures. Sure it’s not the most glamorous job dealing with crying babies and difficult flyers but once you land at your destination, the world is yours to explore if you have the time. You can have the time of your life. Estimated Yearly Salary: $68,000

#3. Consultant

You are hired by companies to fix specific problems. You’re knowledge is specialized as you have clients all over the world who look to you for help. It’s important for you to maintain positive relationships when you travel to your client’s place. You want to make sure they will use you in the future if they ever need another consultation. Estimated Yearly Salary: $78,000

#2. Exploration Geologist

You identify and extract natural resources that will profit companies. Travel is a must, as extraction tends to be located in locations that are less populated. You will be a way from home at months at a time, which is no problem for you because you love your job. Finding the most profitable spot to extract natural resources will benefit your bank account. Estimated Yearly Salary: $94,000

#1. Destination Wedding Photographer

Taking photographs of the bride, groom, and their loved ones are not all you do. You create memories for the happy couple to look back on for years to come. Traveling is also a big part of what you do, especially for destination weddings. As a talented photographer you produce high quality photos for your clients that put smiles on their faces. Plus you get to enjoy wherever you are when your job is done for the day. Estimated Yearly Salary: $102,000


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