21 Dumbest Small Town Festivals Around The World

TonyTwoGuns April 21st 2015 Humor
There are thousands of small town festivals that are always happening all around the United States. Some of them are based on the town’s biggest resource, favorite hobby, or just any old thing. If you have ever visited one of the festivals, you definitely understand why they could be called “dumb”.

#21 National Cornbread Festivals – South Pittsburg, Tennessee

This festival has gained national attention around the world, because of its delicious cornbread recipes. Could you actually see yourself traveling for innumerable miles to sink your teeth in some cornbread? Well, many individuals do, plus they enjoy the crazy cook-offs.

#20 Maple Syrup Festivals - Vermontville, Michigan

If you love maple syrup, then you definitely need to spend your Friday-Sunday at the annual Maple Syrup Festival. From a beauty contest, parade, and tons of good old fashioned syrup, you will find it here.

#19 National Banana Pudding Festivals – Hickman County, Tennessee

Everyone loves banana pudding, but not like the Southerners. They love to bake, cook, and broil their favorite pudding, because they know how much you love to munch down on it.

#18 Elkhart Jazz Festivals – Elkhart, Indiana

Now here is a festival that its theme is plain dumb, but it draws over 3,000 visitors each year. This festival takes place every June 19-21 and if you like good old country music. You need to head down to Elkhart.

#17 Lilac Festivals – Mackinac Island, Michigan

Now this festivity takes the cake, because it lasts for 10 days. Now, what the heck would someone do for 10 long days, during a festival? Well, let’s see watch a parade, eat, eat, and eat.

#16 Telluride Film Festivals – Tulluride, Colorado

This festival has been going on since 1979. This festival adds a little mystery to their venue, because you never know what type of movies ore celebrations are going to happen, before you are lucky enough to run into a gunslinger.

#15 National Shrimp Festivals – Gulf Shores, Alabama

Now if you like Bubba Gump Shrimp, you need to visit Alabama, while the festival is in full force. This festival has been known to pull in over 250,000 visitors each year.

#14 Scarecrow Festivals – St. Charles, Illinois

If you are afraid of scarecrows, then you may consider visiting this festival, because they will be parading up and down the main drag, all day long.

#13 Marlboro Music Festivals – Marlboro, Vermont

This festival runs for an entire month. You will have to hang onto your seat, before you can view any of the performances, but then again. It may not happen.

#12 Chicken Festival – London, Kentucky

If you ever thought that you have already witnessed the largest chicken, think again. This festival happens every fall and it is in honor of Colonel Sander’s KFC.

#11 Honey Bee Festivals – Breathitt County, Kentucky

Do you think that you are brave enough to brave the bee? Well, if so, then you need to schedule a weekend at the Honey Bee Festival. The southerners are highly proud of their homemade honey.

#10 Kentucky Apple Festivals – Prestonsburg, Kentucky

From apple pie, turnover, cake, and candy apples, you will find it at this festival. Thousands of people flock to this festival each year to sink their teeth, in grandma’s favorite recipe, apple pie.

#9 Kentucky Derby Festivals – Lexington, Kentucky

If you want to join a bike marathon or a steam boat race, this is the place to be? There is nothing like celebrating all that Kentucky has to offer than joining the Hillbillies at this hoedown.

#8 Kentucky Bourbon Festivals – Bardstown, Kentucky

Those Kentuckians definitely love their festivals, don’t they? Yes and so will you, if you spare a day or two for the Bourbon Festival. Your taste buds will thank you later.

#7 Black Gold Festival – Hazard, Kentucky

Kentuckians made their living for many years relying on black gold. To celebrate this great resource, the festival was created. Bulldogs, Indians, and wildcats are ready to combat on the football field.

#6 Heritage Festivals – Forest Park, Saint Louis

If you like to get drink alcohol to get drunk, then the Heritage Festival has much to offer you. There is nothing better than tasting the famous brews of Saint Louis. Do you want a half-pint or a full-pint?

#5 Fall Heritage Festivals – Cowan, Tennessee

And you thought the Kentuckians loved their festivals. Well, so do the Tennesseans. Sink your teeth in some funnel cakes, gyros, and grilled sausage at this weird festival.

#4 Waukee Family Festivals – Waukee, Iowa

Yee Haw! This is the place to go, if you want to listen to some good old fashioned music and eat some homemade foods. Do not forget to stand by the road, when the parade prances by, because they will be throwing out candy again this year.

#3 Country Thunder USA Festivals – Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

There is nothing better for the years than country music. This annual country festival has a lot of offer music lovers around the world.

#2 Covered Bridge Festivals – Parke, County Indiana

This is a great theme for a family festival. Well, at least you thought so. Who wants to spend there weekend looking at a covered bridge?

#1 Hot Dog Festival – Kansas City, Kansas

Yummy hot dogs! This festival is better than the hot dog eating contest, because you get to join in on the fun. Jalapeno, chili, cheese, sauerkraut, and soup bean hot dog sounds delicious, not.


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