20 Pieces of Fine Art That Are Ugly But Famous

TonyTwoGuns April 21st 2015 Other
In today's society, many people collect fine art. These pieces can be extremely expensive. Unfortunately, they can also be very ugly. Below, you will discover some of the ugliest art from all around the world.

#20 Frida Kahlo

Suffice to say, this is a self portrait. Can you imagine the real life equivalent? Surprisingly, she was a very famous artist.

#19 The Pollock

Jackson Pollock has been credited for creating some of the worst art in the world. What is it supposed to be exactly? Kind of looks like an array of different condiments, doesn't it?

#18 Kandinsky

Again, Kandinsky is known all around the world for creating some horrible art. There is no rhyme or reason to his pieces and they're basically just ugly. I am pretty sure that my dog could throw something better together.

#17 Picasso

Sure, this one has a little bit of a figure in it, but what is the point? Sadly, old Pablo Picasso had some nice stuff, before he took the LSD route.

#16 Henri Mattise

Henri Mattise has quite a few horrible pieces, including this one. Sure, the straight edges are nice, but they could easily be replicated with a good ruler.

#15 John D. Graham

Graham was able to show the world what American painters could do. After his venture into fine art, oil paints were banned from the country.

#14 Carl Holty

Again, the abstract paintings take the cake. Of course, it feels like Carl Holty is trying to destroy our eyesight with this "master piece".

#13 Ilya Bolotowsky

Well, at least this guy was good with a ruler. We're not sure what he was going for, unless he is trying to eliminate something within a computer.

#12 William Scott

Well, at least it isn't abstract this time, but it is still ungodly ugly. I suppose there is a frying pan in there somewhere. Too bad everything is flat and boring.

#11 Patrick Heron

I guess this one could be referred to as abstract art. I suppose some people like this kind of stuff, but all I see is Pac Man. I guess Heron could be credited with creating our ghost fighting hero.

#10 Hilma af Klint

At least this thing is kind of colorful. Otherwise, there isn't much to it. A few circles are thrown in there to impress, but everything else is ugly.

#9 Franz Marc

Is that a bull or a mooing cow? Supposedly, The Yellow Cow is a masterpiece. I suppose this could be true, if people were blind.

#8 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Kirchner liked to produce all kinds of figure paintings and portraits. Unfortunately, none of them look like people. Instead, they're just ugly blobs and splatters.

#7 Paul Klee

I suppose some people could like these paintings, since they resemble legos. However, they're basically just squares and triangles. Not much to it, is there?

#6 Emil Nolde

This one appears to be part man and part woman. At the same time, it better resembles old Howard Stern. That should express the painting's ugliness.

#5 Egon Schiele

Egon became extremely famous, despite creating paintings of homeless individuals. Suffice to say, his paintings helped to start a revolution and build more provocative paintings.

#4 Marc Chagall

Chagall has tons of ugly paintings. They're all flat, unexciting and basically dull. Still, they're highly valuable.

#3 Bernard Buffet

Well, at least you can tell this one is a clown. Suffice to say that fat dude from ICP is even more attractive. Still, people love for expressionism, I suppose.

#2 Kazimir Malevich

Welcome to minimalism. There isn't much to it, is there? I suppose that is the point though.

#1 Frank Stella

Oh boy. Not only is this one ugly, but it'll also drive your eyes and mind insane. Suffice to say, this one has no title and we easily see why. Who would name such a disaster?


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