Top 20 Most Disgusting Jobs That You Will Never Want

Cheryl Brite April 20th 2015 Lifestyle
Be grateful your job doesn’t involve dealing with disgusting things on a daily basis or maybe it does? You begin to wonder how you got to a place in your life where dealing with the grossness of the world became your job. You need this job and someone has to do it. You’re a brave, brave soul.

#20. Proctologist

Is the salary worth all the pain? It sure is when you remind yourself as you stick your hand up peoples’ bums all day. You’ll never be the same again, but you’ll have your money to keep you warm at night. Of course the occasional nightmare is possible but you’re saving people’s lives at the end of the day. Estimated Yearly Salary: $400,000

#19. Urologist

This doctor deals with the front end of their patients. The urinary tracts of men and women are explored everyday. Sure it’s an uncomfortable and invasive but it’s painful for both doctor and patient alike. It may be a disgusting job, but you’re helping people keep their body healthy. Estimated Yearly Salary: $448,000

#18. Police Officer

There’s no denying you will see some disturbing things out on the job. With a badge, company car, and a weapon, you own the mean streets and you have the power to impact people’s lives on a daily basis. Cavity searches are a gross part of your job that happens regularly. Who knows how hygienic your suspect may be? Estimated Yearly Salary: $70,000

#17. Pathologist

You have to deal with dead bodies all day. Who knows what disgusting things you’ll find upon inspecting the body? It’s an invasive job and if you’re just starting out, have a bucket on standby because it’s going to be a long, long day. At least the body doesn’t talk back to you. Estimated Yearly Salary: $250,000

#16. Sewage Worker

You have to deal with people’s shit everyday in the underground. The smells will have you rethinking this career path. You will learn that the human body is more disgusting then you ever imagined. Homes and streets are clear because of you, but you’ll never look at your friends the same way. Estimated Yearly Salary: $37,000

#15. Septic Tank Repair

Installing a tank is actually the most pleasant part of this job. The gross part is fixing the septic tank. All the waste is loose and you are more than likely going to become covered in shit. When you’re repairing the septic tank, you have to dig up, remove, repair, and replace the tank. Sure it may cost homeowners but the cost of your dignity is something you can never get back. Estimated Yearly Salary: $49,000

#14. Sanitation Worker

You’re a garbage man or women. The trash you collect could be anything from rotting food to a woman’s period pads. You sort and dump trash everyday for a living. While it is not the most glamorous job, you do get paid well by the government. Estimated Yearly Salary: $53,000

#13. CTS Decon

You clean up after murders. What you see can range from rape to murder, and you’re in charge of cleaning blood, feces, decomposing materials, and so much more. The crime scene can be a hazardous place for your health, but it pays well. You make the streets healthy again by picking up the pieces of the crime scene. Estimated Yearly Salary: $40,000

#12 Hotel Maid

There’s nothing glamorous about picking up after people’s messes in their hotel room. People leave more disgusting things in a hotel room, then at home. When you’re changing people’s sheets, you don’t know what you’re touching or maybe you do? If you’ve been doing this job for a long time, you think you’ve seen it all, but people are pretty disgusting and can surprise you. Estimated Yearly Salary: $43,000

#11. Porn Star

Degrading, disgusting, and will steal your soul are just some of the things that come to mind when you think about this job. It’s not only one of the most disgusting jobs out there, but it is also one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Protection is hardly used and the risk for getting an STD is high. This job can kill you while you’re still young. Estimated Yearly Salary: $40,000

#10. Medical Waste Biohazard Cooker

Your encounter with medical waste is an everyday thing that is dangerous to your health. Urine, semen, feces, blood, and teeth are among the disgusting things you have to handle. Your job is to cook the bags in an oven for hazardous things, which releases a horrible smell. You have to be careful; your life depends on it. Estimated Yearly Salary: $40,000

#9. Hazmat Diver

You’ll dive right into waste in this disgusting job. You have to take items and makes repairs. It’s a hazardous job but thank god you have a protective suit to wear. You never know what you may find on your dive, but it’s certainly nothing you want to tell your family about. Estimated Yearly Salary: $38,000

#8. Hospital Laundry Worker

You handle sick people’s laundry. Throw up; blood, urine, and gross stains are some of what you see on a daily basis before you toss the laundry into the washer. People may have died on the sheets you’re about to wash, and you’d never know it. You may even catch a disease and not know it until you become sick. Estimated Yearly Salary:$30,000

#7. Abattoir Worker

The slaughter of animals has become your world. You deal with dead, animal carcasses everyday as you prepare, kill and clean the remains of the animal. You may even half to remove hair and drain the blood. It’s so much blood and guts to deal with that any first time abattoir may have a nervous stomach. Estimated Yearly Salary: $20,000

#6. Barnyard Masturbator

You deal with live animals as you stimulate them to extract sperm for different purposes. There’s no doubt how disgusting this job is, but it also can’t be easy for someone who is knew to this job. It just seems wrong to invade an animal’s privacy like that. The money makes it easier. Estimated Yearly Salary: $46,000

#5 Chicken Sexer

Is the chick a boy or a girl? Well that’s what you’re about to find out. You turn the chick around to find what makes them a male or female chick. It’s a disgusting job knowing what your hand is coming into contact with. You could also become responsible for separating the chicks wrong if you can’t tell the difference between a male and a female chick. Estimated Yearly Salary: $38,000

#4. Porta Potty Cleaner

You’re a brave person to deal with the waste of the porta potty. It is less clean than any bathroom inside your home. Who knows how disgusting the potty will be when you open the door. It’s not only disgusting, but it’s a sight that could scar you for life. If that doesn’t kill you, the smell certainly will. Estimated Yearly Salary: $50,000

#3. Odor Judge

This job is great depending on what you smell. Cologne has a great smell, but armpits, breath, feet, kitty litter are just some of the smells you hope to never encounter if you’re lucky. After you smell, you have to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. You may have to smell disgusting odors, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, money. Estimated Yearly Salary: $52,000

#2. Fish Monger

You love to eat fish but now it’s your job to handle them. You have to catch and sell the fish, so what’s so disgusting about this job? You have to gut the fish with a knife and dispose of the unnecessary scraps in order to sell the fish. The guts may gross you out but the sight of a headless fish isn’t the easiest sight to get out of your head. Estimated Yearly Salary: $50,000

#1. Noodler

You’re an avid catfish fishermen, and you’re looking for a new way to catch them. Worms, guts, and sewage cover your body as you make your way into catfish infested waters. Lower your arms into the water and wait for one to bite. You can make a living doing this! Yes, all your dreams have finally come true. Estimated Yearly Salary: $40,000


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