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TonyTwoGuns March 10th 2015 Sports
Sports, a worldwide phenomenon. Whether it is two guys in a cage dancing around each other pretending to fight, or an uneducated simpleton running a ball down a field. These athletes are paid millions of dollars to play or compete in something that they love to do. That may be a little harsh, but I will say that these guys do work their butts off physically to get to where they are, and playing sports can take a tremendous toll on the body, after a given time frame. Fans will continue to follow and support athletes, no matter what they do. Yes, people do make mistakes, and I do believe in second chances, but when you do something over and over again, it is no longer a mistake. With this is mind there is something that fans are not afraid to point out about athletes, which is the fact that they are overpaid.

#1 Michael Vick - From the Gridiron to the Dog Pound

To simply prove a point, we are going to talk about Michael Vick, who most people have heard of because of his recent run in with law enforcement. Back in 2001, Michael Vick, who plays quarterback, went first pick of the NFL draft. He went to the Atlanta Falcons, and signed a 10-year contract for 130 million dollars. Vick was so popular because of his foot speed and an incredibly strong arm. Vick was a great quarterback until his 2011 and 2012 season. Of course, he was away from the game for a while because he got suspended, but rumor has it, he was injured, before the suspension. In 2011, Vick made 20 million in one year. So, despite his criminal past, and his injury, he still raked in 20 million dollars, in one year of playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is also contemplating opening a small doggy daycare, where dogs will be trained in martial arts.

#2 Gilbert Areans - From 3 Point Shootout to Firework Display

Another interesting subject that we are going to discuss is Gilbert Arenas, who is no longer playing in the NBA. This guy was the third highest paid player of the 2013-2014 season. This means that he was making around 22 million dollars, despite a knee injury that destroyed him for the rest of his career. It is also noted that Arenas's career was one, with controversy. He supposedly brought guns into the locker rooms, during the games. He was later busted by law enforcement, with a huge amount of fireworks. I mean this guy is trying to shoot fire works and guns, instead of playing basketball. Come on Kicking Wing! Home is where you make it!

#3 Alex Rodriguez - And The Crowd Goes Wild

The highest signed player ever in the MLB is our next target. In 2007, Alex Rodriguez signed a 10-year contract, with the New York Yankees for 275 million dollars. Alex started with his 2013 season, with a surgery, and then returned only to be caught up in a huge steroid scandal by the MLB. He was found guilty of using performance enhancers, but he appealed the decision. If he looses the case, he will be out until well past 2015. Still, Alex is only marginally famous for dating Madonna, which is downright creepy.

#4 Derek Jeter - Yankee Doodle

To throw in another Yankee, we have Derek Jeter. In 2013 he only played just a few games, and made 17 million dollars. This is more money than most people will ever see, in a lifetime. Sadly to say, nobody watches baseball anyway. Therefore, the guy is more famous for his delicious array of girlfriends.

#5 Tiger Woods - Hole in One Plague

Tiger Woods is a household name, especially in those homes that hold a bunch of golf fans. If you like to celebrate the men's PGA tour, by watching the game and drinking an ice-cold brewski, then you are probably a Tiger Woods's fan. What many people do not know about Tiger is that he is a grossly, overpaid athlete. He cheated on his wife numerous times and has used every excuse in the book to drop out of the PGA tour. These two important factors combined together makes him worth less than what he is getting paid. His net worth is nearly 600 million dollars, but does this truly label him as the best pro-golfer of all times? Besides, nobody watches golf. Instead, we watch Happy Gilmore.

#6 Floyd Mayweather - Professional Runner or Boxer?

Many boxing fans feel that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is worth every cent that he gets paid every time he steps in the ring, but is he really? The Maidana and Mayweather rematch earned him over 32 million dollars, plus his company, Mayweather Promotions was responsible for the marketing and advertising of the fight, which earned him much, much more. When Floyd enters the ring, you would expect to see a right out slugfest, but instead, you get Mayweather running, around the ring trying to avoid getting punched. The rest of the time, he is busy taunting his opponent. Sadly, his out of ring antics and arrests are far more interesting than his fights.

#7 LeBron James - Basketball

If anyone is grossly overpaid, it surely has to be professional NBA player, LeBron James. In 2014, he signed a two-year contract worth over 42 million dollars. Is LeBron worth this excessive amount of money, or is he a marketing tool for the Cleveland Cavaliers? Many fans feel that he definitely earns his money, but there are some fans that are skeptical. James is likely to be one of the most popular, professional sport's players of all times and he just recently did a photo shoot with Prince William and Duchess Kate, this says it all. I was ashamed to be an American, when media outlets referred to the scene, as a Prince meeting a King. Good lord!

#8 Peyton Manning - Professional Player Going Long

Peyton Manning has been accused of sexual harassment; do you think these rumors are true? Many of Peyton's fans beg to differ, but why did Peyton settle out of court with his female victim? He truly was not so impressive, during this football season, but this rumor definitely takes the cake. Nurse Naughright was examining Peyton, when he nonchalantly pulled down his drawers and sat his nude booty on the top of her head. If I did this, I would be locked in a slammer, with a sexual offender status tattooed on my bum.

#9 Kobe Bryant - Pleading No Contest To Being Overpaid

If you are a true NBA fan, then you are familiar with Kobe Bryant. If you’re not, you probably remember the guy, as a presumed rapist, molester or sex offender. His accuser admitted to the fact that Kobe bent her over a chair and assaulted her, whether or not the rumors are true; Kobe still brings in a whopping 23 million dollars annually. That’s enough to cover three or four more sexual assault lawsuits.

#10 Aaron Hernandez - Tight End No More

Aaron Hernandez was a tight end for the New England Patriots, until he was handed down an arrest warrant for murder. Now, he is an inmate, with a few loose ends. He was raking in over 2 million dollars a season, until he decided to catch a rap sheet, instead of a football.


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