15 Cartoon Innuendos That Might Ruin Childhoods

Abigail Locke April 3rd 2015 Humor
A strange mix of horror and amusement comes into play when one watches old favorite cartoons and discovers that the creators...well, they must have been pretty bored, or something...

#1 Finger Prints

Read it out loud. Might take a moment to sink in.

#2 Strange Occupation

It's so weird to think that as a kid one couldn't pick that up...

#3 Weird...

Even in more modern cartoons, innuendos are everywhere. And even weirder.

#4 Blatant Moment On Powerpuff Girls

And a little bittersweet, considering that the little girl has been called a mistake. Freaking fictional parents.

#5 Not Again, Crocker

What can he say? All that fairy chasing makes a guy hungry for attention.

#6 Ratatouille

Well, at least he has a mind of his own.

#7 Helga, That

She's a little bit on the creepy anti-social side.

#8 Grandpa, No!

Well, pickles. Grandpa's into fantasy porn.

#9 Burn!

The Flash doesn't have any stamina, apparently.

#10 Yzma, Stop

Kronk, don't listen to that crazy purple lady.

#11 Sponge + Starfish = Clam?

Stop picturing Spongebob and Patrick doing weird stuff, okay.

#12 Animators, Why

That just looks awkward.

#13 They Weren

She's positioned way too low for kissing.

#14 It

Shrek makes a fair point.

#15 Don

Naughty Spongebob. Naughty.


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