15 Reasons Why Aliens Wouldn't Visit Us

Abigail Locke April 3rd 2015 Humor
Humanity fails, at times, to present their "higher intelligence". Other lifeforms would want to stay away from us, perhaps to avoid a senseless war or catching the Lack of Common Sense disease.

#1 Misleading Headlines

I'm so horrified! Conductor brutality! ...No.

#2 General Issues

The truth hurts.

#3 Stupidity

I just facepalmed so hard my there's an imprint of my hand.

#4 Obsession With Celebrities

It's too true.

#5 We Lack Common Sense

Poor Mary was forgotten in about .2 seconds.

#6 We Like Taking Over Condiments

Get a dictionary, internet.

#7 And Speaking of Sad

This person needs to go back to school.

#8 Tell Me It

That can't be real. It's too dumb. Hopefully, the creator was being really sarcastic and throwing a party that night for other sarcastic people.

#9 The Line Has Been Crossed...Many Times

The poor girl. Aliens don't talk to people that do that to little girls.

#10 Earth Life Isn

We still have a lot of fixing up to do before martians will consider opening up communications.

#11 Society Inspires Lack of Self Esteem

It doesn't matter how popular or cool the person you emulate is, don't do that to yourself. You only get one body.

#12 Why Would You Do That

The dumbest way to go, yet.

#13 Hashtag Obsession

The image in the background seems to have nothing to do with the text.

#14 We Mix Up Movies With Reality

The last name is also incredibly ironic.

#15 Basic Science is Not a Thing

No, no, silly person. That's not how it works.


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