20 Pictures That Truly Captured The Moment

Papa D April 3rd 2015 Humor
Cameras are meant to bring back sweet memories. However sometimes things go wrong and doesn’t exactly mean that the picture shouldn’t be taken. Misery loves company and company loves laughing at misery so here are 20 instances of so:

20. Falcon Attack

Probably should have put the camera down and warned the girl of the dangerous bird coming for her. Good thing it looks like she is wearing a diaper.

19. A Penguin That’s Had Enough

Mondays Right? Either this penguin is suicidal or his friend talks really loudly.

18. This Motorcycle Trick

Now this guy has two choices. He can let go and probably hit the asphalt pretty hard or he can hang on and let those sparks do some man-scaping.

17. This Poor Tasty Looking Chick

“You walked into the wrong neighborhood buddy” Lil thing looks like its frozen in fear.

16. A Wheel Going On Its Own Path

Sad part is that he probably saw the wheel go off. What could he even do in that situation?

15. This Motorcycle Having a Mind of His Own

What happens when a man’s only true friend turns on him? What happens when he finds himself in a fight he doesn't wanna finish? Find out in the new romantic drama “When Motorcycles Attack”.

14. A Kangaroo Giving A Lady A Shake Down

A kangaroo ever punch you so hard that your camera flew off of you? No? Well that means you are probably as smart as the person that took this picture.

13. Two People Toasting Too Hard

Well maybe I shouldn't say two people. Actually looks like the guy went in a little too fast. He doesn't even look sorry.

12. A Statue Holding Back A Plane

Ever feel like your plane ride is taking too long? Or a flight is delayed and the airline won’t really explain why? Well usually it’s because a statue has grabbed onto its tail just for fun.

11. A Soccer Player Getting A Taste Of His Own Medicine

If you really want to be good at soccer then you have to be the ball. You really have to experience what the ball goes through.

10. This Failed Frisbee Catch

Dogs are such graceful and intelligent animals. This owner just over estimated his or her dog’s reactions.

9. A Woman Showing Off Her Balancing Skills

Look how impressed her friends or family looks. They didn’t expect her to be a master of gravity. I’m sure that after this was taken she straighten right back up…

8. This Mythical Beast Sighting

Has science gone too far? Or is this really photographic proof of the infamous Deerswanicus? Which is totally something real and not something I just made up.

7. Flame Bunny

This is about as hardcore metal as it gets. They say if you place 666 carrots in a circle and recite the magic words flame bunny shall grace you with its presence.

6. Another Victim Of Ball Photo-bombing

It almost looks like the ball is just glued to her face. Something tells me that she won’t be ready for another close up any time soon.

5. This Jedi In Training

I told you Mom! There is a Jedi school where they give you a free pony.

4. The Return Of The Messiah

Wow I always knew he could walk on water but never knew he could headstand on it. Looks like he is only willing to do it in front of dogs though.

3. These Bugs Tickling This Woman

Why would you even go in there with shorts? If anything she got what she was asking for.

2. This Tiger Going Over To Say Hi

I’m sure that it just wants to ask for directions. Another instance where you think the camera man should just help instead of taking the picture.

1. This Guy That Had No Idea What Was Coming

He was just strolling by while a protest was going on. Or maybe he has some really offensive words on his back.


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