20 Photos of Cute Babies That Will Make The World Right

Abigail Bouwma April 3rd 2015 Humor
Everyone has a bad day here and there, let these babies add a little pick-me-up to your day.

1. Wide-Eyed Wonder

Look at those eyes!

2. Baby Tongue

*giggles uncontrollably*

3. Blissful Baby


4. Iron Man


5. Rock-N-Roll

Yeaaaaaahhhh baby.

6. Hairy Baby

This baby has more hair than I do.

7. Did I Do That?

That's the cutest guilty face I've ever seen.

8. I see the light!

And it's bright.

9. Warm and Fluffy


10. Happy Babe

Look at that baby, just happy about anything...

11. Lemonhead

Babies eating lemons are the best thing ever.

12. Master of Disguise

This baby looks...strangely like Mike Myers...

13. Nosy

"What do you mean you've got my nose?"

14. Mwah!

Duck face selfies are only cute when babies do them.

15. Look at What I Can Do!

*new parent screaming in the background*

16. Look at That Face

Doesn't that just make you happy?

17. Baby Angel

Look at the baby snow ball! *claps enthusiastically*

18. Happy Baby

Look at her!

19. Pretty Girl

She's SO cute.

20. Prince Cutie Pie von Sweet Cheeks

This picture warms my heart.


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