15 Responses to Questions Only Siri Could Give

Abigail Bouwma April 2nd 2015 Humor
Every iPhone user has had their fair share of Siri mishaps. Here are 20 classic responses that could only come from that software voice all of us love.

1. Tongue Twister

Not really Siri...that's why I'm talking to you...

2. Everyone's a Comedian

Ouch...that's cold.

3.Not Helpful

Oh Siri...*shakes head*

4. Zagat Guide

I don't...Siri...

5. Where Do Babies Come From?

Ohhhh...I get it now...

6. Then What Is It?

My name is...awww frick.

7. Favorite Actor

I think that might be a little biased.

8. Ohh, That's Sexy...

Not exactly a charmer...

9. Assist Me, Then!

Is there an age restriction on being an incompetent technological assistant?

10. Guess The Song

Dang Siri, that's not how you play the game!

11. Nailed It

Sometimes, Siri gets it right...

12. Siri Says The Darndest Things

What does this even mean?!

13. Terms and Conditions

But I didn't read them, so how do I know you're not kidding me...

14. Funny Ha Ha

That's actually a good joke...good job Siri!

15. Ta Da!

And sometimes she just nails it.


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