15 Crazy Tumblr Posts That May Cause Despair For the Next Generation

Abigail Locke March 31st 2015 Humor
Tumblr is the magical land of GIFs, politics, weird arguments, and fandoms. Here are the products of dorky teens and college students with similar interests posting at 2AM.

#1 To Start Us Off...

The average tumblr post level of strangeness.

#2 You'd Do It Too

I would love a penguin for a pet, honestly.

#3 No One Denies This

Hair is a very important attribute.

#4 Tumblr is Quite Punny

Allow me to slap my knee in amusement. Also, now I want nachos.

#5 Should Have Seen That Coming

It's true, though.

#6 Aw...Wait.

That poor child is so confused.


My IQ just dropped but I laughed really hard.

#8 The Intense Logic

We don't accept logic in the world of literature. Have you seen A Midsummer Night's Dream?

#9 Hufflepuffs are Stoners?

What's strange is that that actually makes sense.

#10 Ultimate Social Skills

Back in my day, you only needed half a potato.

#11 Loki Makes Appearances

I can see Tom Hiddleston in a bikini though...Ah! Stop!

#12 Too Many B Colors

Ah, the simple minds of the tumblr folk. I can't even talk because I use it.

#13 Oh, Dear

It had you going for a minute there, didn't it?

#14 Worldwide Perspective

We have Whoppers instead. They're the same thing.

#15 Gender Epithets Are Cool

Good for you, meatloaf.


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