15 Photos of Dorks On Disney Rides

Abigail Locke March 31st 2015 Humor
From Splash Mountain to Space Mountain, these rides spur the creativity of weirdos all over the world and have beautiful results.

#1 AW! A Marriage Proposal!

Her facial expression will be commemorated forever.

#2 Breakfast

Each incredibly chill person here is in the middle of a nice breakfast and no waterfall can change that.

#3 Dress Up!

These people know how to Disney.

#4 Oh. A Waterfall. Yawn!

He...yawned, during the cliff fall?

#5 OH, NO!

To cover up the fact that the guy was forever alone.

#6 Snore!

This ROLLER COASTER is boring. I'll just sleep.

#7 Here, Let Me Just Defy Gravity

We do what we want on roller coasters.

#8 Trollolololol

That's pretty awesome. Based way to meme.

#9 No Way.

I can't even play that on stable ground.

#10 Wassup?

Just chillin'. On Splash Mountain. The waterfall, actually.

#11 The Faces are Priceless

Wait...is that a...horse?

#12 Oh? We're Going Down a Waterfall? That's Nice.

"Bishop to E7." "That spot got splashed." "Fine. D7."

#13 Where's Perry?

Perfectly normal reactions...and then Perry.

#14 Secret Agents

Do. Not. Show. Emotion. I have no thoughts. None.

#15 That's Really Risky

The Water. On the front. No.


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