20 of the Most Interesting Animals that live in the Desert

T.F. Lyle March 29th 2015 Other
Deserts are dangerous, dry, and extreme(whaa? no way!) and the animals who live in them are more than your typical,imwalkinginyourbackyardcausethatshowIroll, kind of creature. These desert animals know how to survive thanks to some special features and a whole lot of moxie.

1. The Komodo Dragon

The urban legend is true. Mini godzilla is the largest species of lizard in the world. With its high senses of smell and rough hide, the komodo dragon can easily adapt to harsh environments and rip into its prey. Yes, humans are on the list.

2. Horny Toad

They're horny, they're corny, and they can...wait, whaaaht? Shoot blood from their eyes?! Huh? These guys may be small, but they keep away the bigger predators with a few tricks and some high definition, national geographic effects.

3.Desert Owl

From elf to the great horned, these notsodelicate owls can make themselves right at home with the friendly scorpions and the all too comfy cacti.

4.Desert Rain Frog

Whoa bub, lay off the flies for real. These so called desert rain frogs blend in well with the desert sand which is kind of suiting as rain frogs spend the majority of their day burrowed in the stuff.

5. Echidna

One of the two egg-laying mammals on this planet, Echidnas look a lot like spiky anteaters, meaning they look trippy man.These creatures are named after the "Mother of Monsters" in Greek Mythology, so, be wary.

6. Aardwolf

Closely related to hyenas, the aardwolf is nocturnal and spends most nights seeking out termites and insect larvae. Delish right?

7. Scorpion

Grody little bugger isn't it? Scorpions are tough, poisonous, and just downright freaky. Scorpions are known to change their metabolic rate in order to live off of one meal per year. Cool, but I like to eat my three meals a day thank you very much.

8. Jerboa

Looks more like a cartoon character and less like a dessert, kung-fu warrior. They can jump like no other, survive harsh environments, and jerboas even have excellent hearing and smell. They'll be the next mighty mouse, I can just see it.

9. Bats

Talk about scary beyond all reason! Bats are covered in fur, rely on echo location to hunt, and eat mainly insects. Bleh.

10. Emu

Maybe they can't fly, but they sure can run! Emu's can defend themselves with powerful kicks, they can swim like any Olympian, and they can store fat for long periods of time. Interesting stuff!

11. Quail

Quail really gotta watch their backs. Snakes, coyotes, hawks, weasels, even humans crave for their meat! Quails can fly for a short distance and often live alone...guess that makes sense.

12. Xerus

They can live in the open desert or in your home as a pet. First originated from Africa and they are quite adorable. It's like Timon from Lion King...but not really.

13. Desert tortoise

These tortoises have a 50-80 year life span and they can face water, salt, and energy imbalances. Guess it's not just the shell that's tough eh?


The jackal is similar to canines as they are muscular runners with strong legs. Jackals like to travel in groups as they often hunt bigger animals. Teamwork at its finest people.

15. Gundi

Kinda cute. It's like a guinea pig and a rat got together and had some kids. Gundis forage all the food they can to survive and they do their best to keep each other alive.

16. Guanaco

Yay, I'm a lama again...oh wait. Actually, guanacos are more closely related to the camel. Guanacos have eyes on the side of their head that allow them to spot predators from a distance and they can run at 56 kilometers per hour. Not too shaby.

17. Horned Viper

Why does it always have to be snakes? As if the satanic horns weren't bad enough, these horned vipers can move swiftly to kill prey like lizards and birds. While their bite may not be fatal to humans, it can have serious consequences.

18. Dung Beetle

Looks like a fun job eh? Dung beetles are all about the crap, pardon the french. But hey, finding food in the desert is hard. Dung beetles are actually quite picky about the poo they eat, can't blame 'em.

19. Fennec Fox

Wrap them up, I'll take a dozen. The fennec fox is the smallest in the world of foxes, though their ears are a whole new story (who ya daddy be fox?). These guys, like most desert junkies(not like sweettooth junkies) can go for days without water.

20. Camels

Generally, they're pretty chill, peaceful animals;their luscious eyelashes help keep their eyes clear of debris, and their bodies can hold up to seven liters of water a day.Plus, ya know, humps, can't forget about those beauties!


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