20 Parenting Fails That Will Have You Saying WHAT?!?

Abigail Bouwma March 27th 2015 Humor
No parent is perfect, but these take the cake on parenting fails.

1. Bouncy Seat

I guess it's kinda like a bouncer?

2. Get A Grip

I'm not sure they teach you this in parenting class.

3. Adult Supervision

Is he even...what?

4. A Horse is a Horse of Course


5. Thanks, Dad

Ewwww, gross.

6. Partner in Crime

I would cry too kid...

7. Not Intended for Children

I'm not sure that that's how a seatbelt works...

8. Lick the Spoon

Oh...no...that could go so wrong.

9. Squish!

"Mom...I can't breathe..."

10. Warming Up to It


11. Shredding Mom

You are supposed to get exercise while pregnant...I guess...

12. Amateur Grammarian

Really? Me too...

13. Seasoned Traveler

This is the worst that can happen to you on public transport, so at least that kid got it out of the way early.

14. Chain Reaction

Did you...even think through these decisions?

15. Playing House

Please tell me she's driving you home in a Barbie Jeep.

16. Botox-ic Environment

Botox doesn't even look good on grown women!

17. Carnival Ride

Poor man's slip-n-slide.

18. Cyclist Professional

Parent's man...they take your breath away.

19. Starting Young

If everyone in America learned how to shoot a rifle before they could walk...the world should hopefully never know...

20. Baby For Sale



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