25 Most Expensive Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

Charlie Blacks II March 27th 2015 Entertainment
Celebrities seem to have a hard time dealing with public criticisms of their natural appearance so some of them decide to go under the knife for a little altering. When it comes to cosmetic procedures we’ve seen some success stories and some that didn’t go so well. A lot of these celebs thought that their procedures would boost their confidence and make them happier overall… well boy did that backfire. They are now the butt of everyone's jokes. Some wanting to reserve their youth now look they constantly just saw a ghost, others wanting full lips now look like a pet store goldfish. Here’s a list of celebrities that might make you want to think twice before you make that doctor’s appointment to lipo your chubby eyelids. #25 is INSANELY expensive!

1. Kim Kardashian West - $8 Million

Looks like the Kim Kardashian finally lucked up and found a quality relationship with rap superstar, Kanye West. Over the years Kanye quietly crushed on the reality star and when the star finally had a chance to make a move, he made it his reality. Just like everything else Kanye does he had to make his proposal a spectacle. The hip-hop frontman proposed on field in elaborate fashion at the AT&T in San Francisco in October of 2013. Kanye knelt down on one knee with a 15-carat cushion-cut diamond ring. Supposedly Kanye worked very closely with multiple jewelers to design the ring himself. The huge rock is rumored to be worth 8 million dollars. The couple later married in Florence, Italy and have been happy ever since. The couple have a daughter together, North West, and are expecting another by the end of this year.

2. Paris Hilton - $4.7 Million

Paris Hilton is famous for being on screen… some for her TV work, and some for her "private work." The socialite was asked for her hand in marriage by Greek shipping heir, Paris Latsis in May of 2005. Originally the couple had started dating in December of 2004. Latsis did not hold back when he presented Paris with a chunky 24-carat canary diamond ring. The ring is worth an estimated 4.7 million dollars. The ring was so big that Paris later downgraded to a smaller, simpler version of the ring by Cartier. Unfortunately the couple split after just four months of being engaged. Maybe Latsis wised up and noticed that Paris wasn't the brightest crayon in the crayon box. Regardless, this should be a sign that money can't buy love.

3. Beyonce - $5 Million

Jay Z never holds back when it comes to professing his love to his wife Queen of R&B, Beyonce. Before marrying the Queen B, Jay Z popped the question while presenting to her a 18-carat emerald-cut platinum set ring. Of course Beyonce said yes, and the couple quietly married in April of 2008 atop a New York City penthouse. The quality of the diamond is so rare and unflawed that the stone is noted as one of the most premium stones around. Supposedly the entrepreneur paid 5 million dollars for the ring, as he only wanted the best for his bride to be. Ever since the couple has gone public they have been inseparable as they tour, vacation, and even share a child together Blue Ivy Carter. The couple has been atop the music game and are reportedly working on a collaboration album. That ring is just as "flawless" as the R&B hitmaker.

4. Mariah Carey - $2.5 Million

Before Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon tied the knot in April of 2008. It seems like it would be hard to impress Mariah, known for her diva-esque attitude but how could she not with the rock Nick presented to her. Nick gave his bride to be a 17-carat stone that looked rather heavy on the hand. Not only is the rock 17-carats but is also a pink centered, emerald-cut diamond surrounded by 58 smaller pink diamonds. One more not so minor detail, two half moon diamonds surround the pink stone as well. Nick didn't hold back on the cost of the ring reportedly spending 2.5 million dollars with Jacob & Co., the prestigious jewelry designers. Unfortunately, there was turbulence within the relationship and both Nick and Mariah lived in separate homes for awhile before Nick filed for divorce in December of 2014. I know Nick is wanting this investment back secretly.

5. Anna Kournikova - $6 Million

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias met on the set of his "Escape" video in 2001. Not too soon after that the tennis star and latino singer were an item. The couple actually broke up after being together for twelve years because Enrique supposedly refused to pop the question… boy did he make up for that. The "Hero" singer proposed to Anna with an 11-carat natural pink pear-shaped diamond with a couple of diamond accents for a tastefully added touch. The rock is reportedly from the world's biggest mine in Argyle in western Australia. The mine is known for the unique color of diamonds naturally produced, usually of a champagne or cognac hue. The estimated value of the ring is reported between 2.5 and 6 million dollars. Let this be a message ladies, if you nag him enough, he will propose, and you possibly could end up with an 11-carat pink pear-shaped diamond… OK, maybe not a similar ring a multimillionaire singer can afford.

6. Iggy Azalea - $500,000

Iggy's had rough year facing criticism from her hip-hop peers to her rather strange plastic surgery decisions. There has been positive this year for the "Fancy" singer, her engagement to Lakers basketball star, Nick Young. Apparently Nick had a custom ring prepared for his bride to be by jeweler Jason Arasheben. Nick and the jeweler prepared a 10.43-carat cushion-cut yellow diamond ring that matches his Laker wardrobe. The 8.15 carat yellow stone is surrounded by tiny white diamonds in a halo setting in a white gold band. The iced-out ring is valued at 500,000 thousand dollars. Nick proposed to his soon to be wife during his birthday celebration. The ring definitely matches Iggy's glamorous style and sure is "fancy." Chalk this up as a win for both Iggy and Nick, they look happy.

7. Melania Trump - $3 Million

The Slovenian born, former model, and now jewelry designer what a coincidence, eh? Melania married real estate mogul Donald Trump in January of 2005. Before getting his immigrant wife to become a naturalized citizen, he popped the question with a 15-carat emerald cut diamond on a platinum basket with a leaf setting. Sounds extravagant doesn't it? Well it is… The ring is estimated at a value of 3 million dollars. The ring is also rumored to be a Graff designed piece. The couple has been partners for a little over ten years now as Melania accompanies her husband on his 2016 presidential campaign trail. We wonder how a typical conversation between the two actually goes down… do they even have common interest? Regardless, we guess Melania lucked up… or Donald lucked up. Ehh, they deserve each other.

8. Jennifer Lopez - $4 Million

Post Ben Affleck, it didn't take long for Jennifer Lopez to find another love interest in Marc Anthony. The American salsa artist officially married the latina singer in June of 2004. Before officially getting hitched to Jen, Marc proposed with a 14-carat blue diamond engagement ring. The blue stone is extremely rare and valued at over 4 million dollars to date. It appears that JLo has a thing for colored diamonds but doesn't appear to hold on to them for too long. Sadly the couple split in July of 2011 and officially divorced in June of 2014, almost exactly ten years after the couple tied the knot. This was Jennifer's longest marriage to date and she continues to look for love. Whoever's topping a 14-carat blue diamond has got to be some sort of oil tycoon though. Go to Dubai Ms. Lopez!

9. Jennifer Aniston - $1 Million

After failed marriage to Brad Pitt most likely because of Angelina Jolie's conniving ways Jennifer Aniston is still trying her chance with love after announcing her engagement to actor, Justin Theroux. After meeting on the set of the film Wanderlust the couple began dating. The two thespians decided to try a go at marriage when they got engaged in August of 2012. Justin sure didn't hold back when it came to the ring, a 10-carat oval-shaped diamond to represent his love for Jen. The ring is worth a whopping one million dollars. After rumors of the two splitting, couple reportedly pulled off a secret wedding this year. Every relationship has it's rough patches but that 10-carat rock probably tipped the relationship in the right direction. We're rooting for Jennifer this time around and hope the best for the couple.

10. Hilary Duff - $1 Million

Didn't think Lizzie Mcguire was into hockey players, but apparently she is. In August of 2010 Hilary Duff married former professional hockey player Mike Comrie. Before they decided to tie the knot, Mike proposed to the child-star with a 14-carat princess cut diamond ring. The ring is cleanly designed and as clear as water, also worth a whomping one million dollars. Unfortunately the couple split after four years marriage in which they had one child, a daughter three year old, Luca. There split seems rather cordial and very professional between the two. I mean how bad could the relationship have been? Mike was willing to give Hilary a ring worth the price of some quality real estate.

11. Angelina Jolie - $500,000

After both Angelina and Brad's failed marriages they met during the shooting of the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith and seemed to be inseparable after their introduction. Before finally tying the knot last year in 2014, Brad collaborated with famous jewelry designer Robert Procop to design the perfect ring for his wife to be. The collaboration took over a year to complete, as Brad seeked perfection. The ring is a total of 16-carats with a 7-carat table-cut center stone with similar smaller diamonds wrapped around the band. The ring is unique and edgy in it's own right and is estimated worth around 500,000 dollars. The ring is designed to encircle the actress/activist's entire finger with diamonds. Brad did not hold back when it came to his bride's engagement ring and continues to be a credible Hollywood husband. Brad, Angelina and their six children definitely do it big.

12. Catherine Zeta Jones - $2.5 Million

Catherine definitely didn't make the wrong decision when she decided to marry American film producer and actor Michael Douglas. The couple has been hitched since the year 2000 and continue to be one of Hollywood's more sturdier couples. When Michael decided to pop the question he revealed a 10-carat, marquise-shaped diamond, horizontally set surrounded by 28 smaller diamonds to Catherine. How could she say no?! The horizontal setting of the rock gives the ring a vintage look and is definitely one of the more unique rings you'll see around designed by Fred Leighton. Michael purchased the ring for a crazy 2.5 million dollars. It appears it was worth it as they still are together and you never hear about them in any tabloids or gossip columns. Ladies find yourself a quality film producer and maybe you too can get 10-carats worth of rocks. Even if he's struggling, stick with him it will happen or not.

13. Katie Holmes - $1.5 Million

Katie… Tom was really love in with you, we know him jumping on Oprah's couch seemed actually was a little crazy but he found a way to top that. Besides Tom Cruise showing the world he was a little off his rocker, he showed his lady that he was serious about their relationship with the ring he used to propose to her. Ok, let's start with the proposal, he flew his wife to be to Paris, France and atop the Eiffel Tower he decided to ask for her hand in marriage. How fricking romantic, right? It gets better, the ring was a 5-carat Edwardian style oval-cut diamond solitaire ring with pave detail. The stunning stone was complemented with a rose gold and platinum setting estimated to now be worth 1.5 million dollars. Unfortunately the power couple split recently in 2012. Tom possibly could have saved himself from all this embarrassment, now he's known as the guy who violated Oprah's couch for a woman he's no longer with. Ouch…

14. Ciara - $500,000

Did Ciara really think a marriage with a guy named "Future" would actually work out. Ciara's one of those ‘swing and a miss' type of chicks when it comes to relationships. From 50 Cent to Amar'e Stoudemire, Ciara hasn't had the greatest love life. Recently she tried again with blossoming hip-hop artist Future. Future surprised Ciara with a monstrous 15-carat emerald cut engagement ring designed by Avianne & Co. Ciara announced their engagement in October of 2013 and before they can even start passing out wedding invitations they called it quits in August of 2014. Apparently Future couldn't keep it in his pants but the 500,000 dollars he spent on the ring wasn't a total waste because Ciara gave it back. Now Russell Wilson is on deck to try out a relationship with Ms. Ciara. Good luck Russell…

15. Blake Lively - $2.5 Million

Blake slyly married her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds in 2012. Before they drove off in their "Just Married" limo Ryan had to impress the young lady with some rather fancy bling. Ryan sure did not fail with this 12-carat oval-cut diamond engagement ring. It's kind of hard to refuse the offer when there's a rock that size burning through your retinas. The ring definitely wasn't cheap at an estimated 2.5 million dollars. This isn't Ryan's first marriage, as he was once married to Scarlett Johansson for a short two years. You got the mulligan with Blake. Nice start with that huge rock of an engagement ring.

16. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - $2.6 Million

After the assassination of John F. Kennedy's widow, Jacqueline married greek businessman Aristotle Onassis. Think about where do you go from when you were married to the most powerful man of the free world and he passes? You move on to one the richest. At the time Aristotle was one of the world's richest men so obviously he didn't hold back when it came to Jacqueline's engagement ring. The ring was an insane 40.42-carat Lesotho III diamond ring. Unfortunately Jacqueline only wore the ring twice, and spent most of the time in a bank vault. The ring is currently worth an estimated 2.6 million dollars. Sadly, Aristotle passed away in 1975 making Jacqueline a widow once again. She always had that ring as a reminder of the love they shared before she passed in 1994.

17. Vanessa Bryant - $4 Million

Even though Kobe had to legally ask Vanessa's parents for her hand in marriage because she was underaged at the time, we definitely think that engagement ring could have swayed Vanessa's and her parent's decision to get hitched. Kobe was sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his high school sweetheart when he popped the question with a 7-carat asscher cut diamond ring. As of today it is estimated to be worth approximately 100,000 dollars. This isn't the only ring Kobe had to buy in order to keep his wife around. After his scandal in 2003 Kobe bought Vanessa an 8-carat purple diamond ring worth around four million dollars. Fortunately his apology ring convinced her to stay and they've continued their fourteen year marriage. So look fellas, you may not be Kobe Bryant but if you buy something shiny enough you might be able to get away with cheating. Worth a shot, isn't it?

18. Miley Cyrus - $100,000

We don't think getting married to anyone who describes themselves as a wrecking ball is going to end well at all. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met in 2009 on the set of the film, The Last Song. Three years later in 2012, they announced their engagement and Miley was only 19 years old at the time. Liam popped the question in honorable fashion with a 3.5-carat cushion-cut engagement ring designed by Neil Lane. The classically dressed stone was accented by 18-carat gold and had diamond floral motifs in an art nouveau pattern that was entirely handcrafted. The ring was purchased for 100,000 dollars at the time of the engagement. This ring seems a little too tasteful for it's recipient, Miley. Sadly the couple split in 2013, we're happy for Liam though. Seriously, who would want to be attached to the girl who rides inflatable penises at her concerts?

19. Grace Kelly - $4.6 Million

Actress Grace Kelly lived every little girl's dream to be swept off her feet by a prince. The prince of Monaco at the time, Prince Rainier III, met Grace at in 1955 at the Palace of Monaco during a photoshoot and soon the two were inseparable. Originally Prince Rainier had given his bride to be a ruby and diamond eternity ring from Cartier. Later he felt the ring was unsuitable to represent his love for Grace and upgraded the ring to a 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond ring accompanied by two baguettes. The ring also costed a pretty penny supposedly being worth an estimated 4.6 million dollars. The couple went on to have two separate lavish ceremonies and had the final ceremony recognized as "The Wedding of the Century." Grace even wore the ring in a movie, she could be caught polishing it in 1956's romantic comedy High Society. See ladies, some fairy tales do come true.

20. Jennifer Lopez - $1.2 Million

We're starting to wonder, who hasn't been married to Jennifer Lopez? Ben Affleck met the singer/actress known as Jennifer Lopez on set of the their blockbuster mobster comedy flop Gigli and were an item ever since. Ben decided to pop the question to Jen in 2002 and proposed with a blinding 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring. The ring was designed by famous west coast jeweler Harry Winston. The pink diamond ring started a flutter of pink diamond knock-offs as the couple's highly publicized relationship took off. Almost forgot to mention Ben paid 1.2 million dollars for the soft pink ring. The power couple decided to do one more movie together, Jersey Girl, that also didn't so well at the box office. One thing though, the couple never made it to the altar as Ben called off the wedding a couple days before the festivities and soon the couple split. Ben could have saved some money and some horrible acting credits for those movies they did together a their relationship didn't last even two years.

21. Jennifer Garner - $500,000

After splitting from ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck didn't waste anytime popping the question to now wife Jennifer Garner. She also didn't waste anytime saying yes after failed four year marriage to actor, Scott Foley. It appears that Ben has good taste in rings as he proposed to Jennifer with a 4.5-carat cushion cut stunner. The ring is designed by jeweler Harry Winston and isn't hard on the eyes at all unless you catch a mean glare from the sun. The ring is worth an estimated 500,000 dollars as the couple secretly wed. The couple has been together for ten years now but it looks like they may be in the midst of some relationship turmoil. Supposedly the couple has been drifting apart over the past couple of years and their differences may be irreconcilable. Ben, Jen at first you don't succeed, try, try again. You guys will find eternal love somehow, someway.

22. Kate Middleton - $150,000

Kate Middleton met her husband to be Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, while studying art history in Scotland at the University of St. Andrews in 2001. With a sturdy relationship built on a well-rounded foundation they jumped the broom in 2011 officially making Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge. William is second in line to succeed his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, after his father. With this type of royalty in place you know Prince William had to do it big in regards to his engagement ring for Kate. The ring originally belonged to the, Princess Diana and was later repurposed for Kate Middleton. The ring is a rare 18-carat blue sapphire accented with a halo of white diamonds. This family heirloom has apparently climbed in value and is now worth 137,200 dollars. This ring is example of how big royalty does jewelry.

23. Reese Witherspoon - $250,000

Reese Witherspoon tied the knot with talent agent, Jim Toth in 2011. The couple didn't hesitate to get hitched when they began dating after only a year, in 2010. In order to persuade the actress Jim took action by buying a unique 4-carat Ashoka-cut diamond custom-designed piece by the William Goldberg Diamond Corp. The ring is currently valued at a hefty 250,000 dollars. This isn't Reese's first marriage but with a ring like this Jim and Reese look like they are in it for the long haul. The ring is a true example of class just like Reese. Reese sings praises about her husband, Jim, whenever she gets the chance. We think we have a feeling as to why they continue to move forward together with such ease, and it all started with that 4-carat rock.

24. Kate Hudson - $200,000

After a failed seven year marriage to lead vocalist of rock and roll group, The Black Crowes, Chris Robinson, Kate Hudson thought she would try another go at marriage. Kate Hudson reconnected with british rocker, Matt Bellamy at the popular festival Coachella. She engaged The Muse star, Matt Bellamy, in April of 2011. Before popping the question Matt purchased a 9-carat emerald-cut diamond ring accented with tapered baguettes valued at 200,000 dollars for his fiancee. Unfortunately the couple didn't make it all the way to the altar as they split up after three years of engagement. Things have remained cordial between the two as they share a child together. Maybe Kate should lay off the rock stars in order for her to truly find love. As for Matt, he continues to be the rockstar that he is.

25. Elizabeth Taylor - $8.8 Million

The British-American actress has had several marriages throughout her life but the most notable one[s] were with actor Richard Burton. The two met on the set of 1963's Cleopatra and began their lust filled relationship right on set. During their first kissing scene the kiss lasted so long, the director asked the two if he could say cut. This sounds like a perfect beginning to a relationship right? Except that both of them already married. Richard professed his love for Elizabeth by popping the question with a 33.19-carat IIa certified diamond ring. The ring is considered one of the world's most purest and flawless diamonds ever set on a ring. The ring is valued at an insane 8.8 million dollars. The Asscher-cut ring was auctioned off after the actress death and bought by an Asian collector. Richard and Elizabeth had a turbulent relationship marrying, splitting, remarrying and finally divorcing again in 1976. One thing will forever be remembered about their relationship, that plate sized diamond of a ring Richard gave to his love, Elizabeth.


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