Police Won't Hold Flag For NFL Players After They Refuse To Stand For Anthem

Jay Dawson September 5th 2017 Entertainment
There's three things that are truly sacred to Americans: their flag, their football, and their freedom of speech. Mess with any one of them, and you'll suddenly find yourself one friend short. Well, all three got thrown into the hot pot of simmering racial tensions this week, creating a massive controversy that has everyone rushing to take sides. But who's right, and who's wrong? This is one debate that is not cooling down...

The Preseason Match

Normally, only the hardcore fans are the ones watching the preseason NFL matches. But this one between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants was a little different. Not because of the score, although the 10-6 win to the Browns was a somewhat surprising result. It was because of what the players did before the match.

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