Floyd Mayweather Has A Hot New Celebrity Girlfriend

Jay Dawson September 5th 2017 Entertainment
There's no doubt that if you're the wife, girlfriend, or even lover of a sports star, you've got it made. It's not just the opportunity to travel with them all over the world, or their legendary stamina, but the ridiculous amounts of cash they make. Anything your heart desires, and it's yours. One man who certainly has plenty of dollars is Floyd "Money" Mayweather - it's literally his middle name. But you'll never guess who's out spending them...


Mayweather is a legend, a man who has earnt every penny of his massive fortune. Fifty bouts in the ring and he never lost a single one. There's a reason he's so good: he's simply the best defensive boxer in the world, a fighter who lands precision punches like they're laser guided. Over his long and insanely successful career, no-one has even come close to matching him.

His Final Fight

Coming out of retirement to fight Conor McGregor, Mayweather proved yet again why he's the king of the ring. It was his last match, and one that will go down in history. A determined McGregor, usually a UFC fighter, came out strong with sustained flurries of punches. But time and time again, Mayweather showed his patience and skill, coming out on top after ten rounds with a stunning TKO.

Shantel Jackson

In his personal life, though, Mayweather hasn't had as good a run. When he first met Shantel Jackson some eight years ago, their beautiful relationship looked like it could really last. The pair were inseparable and beautiful, but behind the fa├žade was a romance that slowly crumbled away into nothing.


There's no doubt that Mayweather was as much to blame for this as Shantel. Or even more. During their relationship, his violent temper and abusive ways reared their ugly head once again. He had been convicted of domestic violence three times before, but this was by far the worst. In 2014, he held her at gunpoint, choked her, kept her hostage, and savagely beat her.

The New Lady In The Picture

While Shantel and Mayweather were engaged at the time, his brutal treatment of her caused her to leave him. For almost a year now, Mayweather's been single. But the word on the street is that he's not as available as you think he is. There's actually a new girl in his life, and she's almost as much of a star as he is...

Keyshia Cole

Apparently, Mayweather's new lady is none other than Keyshia Cole. This R&B superstar has been making huge waves in the music industry ever since she met MC Hammer and Tupac at the age of 12, before moving to LA to make it big. Alongside a successful reality TV career, she's released several platinum albums and won more awards than we can count. And now she's linked to Mayweather...

Desperate To See Him

The biggest confirmation we have, it looks like, is the night of Mayweather's fight against McGregor. Apparently, that night Keyshia was also performing - all the way over in Los Angeles. Instead of missing the fight, though, which any normal non-girlfriend would do, she moved the show forwards five hours and jumped on the next jet to be ringside.


That's not all. After the fight, she was one of the first to catch a snap with the legendary boxer, giving it the loving caption "Congrats, true CHAMPION". In recent months, after her split with NBA's Daniel Gibson, she's also been spotted numerous times travelling with Mayweather. Even though he's retired. Suspicious...

How Much Is He Worth?

He doesn't have to worry about splitting the check with her, either. As of last month, Mayweather was reportedly worth an unbelievable $400 million, and that was before the fight with McGregor. That fight alone had a $100 million purse for Mayweather to claim, along with a title belt dripping with close to four pounds of 24-karat gold and thousands of diamonds.

Spending Big

According to the rumors, though, Cole is determined to make a dent in Mayweather's savings. She's got plenty of money of her own, of course, but he just keeps on inviting her on epic shopping sprees. And when she spends, she sure spends big. Cars, designer dresses, electronics, and holidays - nothing's off limit for Keyshia Cole and her big new man.


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