Top 10 High School Cross Country Runners Currently Killing It

The Flying Dutchman March 26th 2015 Sports
Cross Country is one competitive sport! Who's the fastest runners across America that have the guts to set records?

10. Megan Hasz

This girls got some spunk! She came in 5th at Nike Cross Nationals, has run under five minutes for a 1600 meter run, and is the Minnesota State Meet record Holder!

9. Andrew Hunter

With a 14:36 5k time, a 1:57 800 meter, and a 4:10 mile, Andrew Hunter has the talent and skill to become a top notch runner in college by next year.

8. Paige Hofstad

Mile time: 4:50 5k time: 16:47 Track = On fire!! She is one fast runner.

7. Elijah Armstrong

Third at Footlocker Nationals is quite an accomplishment for a runner. So is a 4:13 mile and a 14:41 5k. A senior that will be one to watch next season in college.

6.Makenna Morely

Montana State Champion, 4 time finalist at Footlocker Nationals. A 17:24 5k time isn't too bad, but dominated in the 2014 XC season.

5.Olin Hacker

This kid is as the coach of Fayetteville-Manlius later said "The Fastest Loser." Took second at Nike Cross Nationals and second again a week later at Footlocker Nationals. 14:55 5k time, just amazing!

4. Allie Ostrander

Allie Ostrander is small, but she sure is fast and mighty! She conquers the Nike Cross National Championship winning it with a 17:19 5k time. A 16:40 5k time, a 4:49 mile time holder, and a bright future in college as a runner!

3. Tanner Anderson

A champion is crowned! After his third place at last years Nike Cross Nationals Championship, Tanner dominated this year without even a single challenge. Took the lead very early and held it to win. Washington State meet record holder and a 14:31 5k time is great for a college recruiter to work with.

2.Anna Rohrer

A champion of the Footlocker National Championships.She delt with an injury in the 2014 season but came back up to the top and crush the field with her incredible kick. 16:10 5k time, 4:55 mile time, crazy fast!

1. Grant Fisher

The King of Cross Country! He has gone through 3 undefeated seasons of Cross Country and Track and Field so far, and is closing his Indoor Track and Field season the same way. A back to back year champion of Footlocker Nationals, a 14:31 5k time, a 4:01 mile time. Will he ever lose?!


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